Top tips for stellar content marketing

Research shows that not only is content marketing (also known as inbound marketing) more cost-effective than traditional marketing, it generates higher quality leads that mean less time-wasting and more customers. Content marketing has numerous benefits for your business and, if you have a great website and a marketing plan, you can get started straight away.

Thinking with a content marketing mindset means thinking beyond the hard sell of traditional advertising. It’s about offering your potential clients relevant, interesting content that makes them want to engage with your brand and your business, champion it, and buy its services.

Some tips for stellar content marketing

1. Use your content wisely

As above, content marketing is not about the hard sell or pushing deals onto your customers’ screen. This will just make them want to ignore you. It’s about gently guiding your customer along the buyer journey so that they become a fan rather than a once-off shopper. Do this by sharing knowledge and building your proposition around a value offering or takeaway for your audience.

2. Invest in a buyer persona to guide your content

A buyer persona (essentially a description of your ideal customer) will help you gain a better understanding of who is reading your content and what they’re looking for. This understanding equals better conversion rates which equal better sales.

3. Blog and blog some more

A business blog is a great example of content marketing with a purpose – to share relevant information with your customer base. For the best results, you should blog consistently, with a content plan, and with an understanding of key factors such as the importance of SEO. Share your content across your social media platforms to increase your chances of getting noticed.

4. Skip the cheese

Content writing that engages rather than alienates the reader is direct and to-the-point, avoiding salesy language or over-the-top promises. Write a series with the audience in mind, repurpose old content for a new reason, and write what you know. Battling to find the right tone, structure, and content for your content? Hire a professional copywriter to make sure your message is delivered loud and clear.

5. Use the right tools

There are hundreds of designing and reporting tools out there. You don’t need to have them all; you just need the right ones for your business. While you might not want to invest in any of them, proper content management tools are ultimately better for your employees, clients, and business. Not sure where to start? Outsource your marketing to an agency in the know and let them handle the technicalities.

Content marketing has become an essential part of attracting and engaging customers across a wide range of industries. Nervous to start with your content marketing strategy? Know what you want to do but don’t have the time to do it? Speak to us – as inbound marketing specialists, we understand the power and importance of effective content marketing and we can set up and manage the whole process for you. That’s what we do!

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