Should your business have a blog?

Businesses big and small know that having an online presence is a must when it comes to good marketing. Website? Check! Facebook page? Check! But what about a blog? Does your business need one? Is it really going to bring in sales? The simple answer? Yes!

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Here are 5 simple reasons to write a business blog

1. Give your business a voice

A blog can be a chance to showcase your business’ personality – it’s a great place to talk about new products, the latest trends, and upcoming events, while providing content for your other marketing materials and acting as a resource for your staff.

2. Drive traffic to your website

A blog post creates an indexed page on your website which equals another chance for your website to show up in an online search and potentially attract new visitors to your site. And it carries on ‘living’ in the online world long after you’ve typed and posted.

3. Generate leads

Once visitors land on your website through your blog, you can use that blog content to generate leads – include special offers, giveaways, links to your services that deal with the problems highlighted in the blog post... all of these give you the chance to engage with a potential customer through a targeted call-to-action.

4. Create awareness via social media

If you write a post, you can share it via social media with your current client base. And others can go on to share it through their social media platforms, attracting new customers to your services.

5. Establish your authority

Knowledge is power and experience is invaluable. The best business blogs tackle common client problems or queries – the content should helpful and educational. Rather than a hard sell, sharing valuable content can build your trust relationship with your customer, establishing your business as the go-to authority when they need help, support, and ultimately, services.

While a blog can be an important part of your inbound marketing strategy, a word of warning – if you’ve decided your business needs a blog, it needs to be a good one. Tips on how to write a great business blog to follow in another blog post but, for now, we’d suggest getting a professional on the job. Not everyone enjoys writing or has the time or skill to write a great business blog post on a regular basis. Need a hand to get started? Call us! Our copywriting and design consultants can make sure that your business blog works as it should!

Better business blogging? We know how and we can show you!