Run a small business? Here's why you should outsource your marketing.

When you run a small business, money can be tight and you might be tempted to do it all yourself – from handy man tasks to book keeping to marketing. For most small business owners, this ends up being a mistake in the long run.

The truth is that while most small business owners are passionate about their businesses, they have two major obstacles to success – time and expertise. There is never enough time to do everything that needs to be done in a business – this is especially true for start-ups – plus, while you might know all about your services, you are not necessarily an expert in all things business, such as taxes – that’s why you have a book keeper. The same goes for Marketing – if you want to help your business to succeed with the help of great Marketing, it might be time to consider outsourcing this important function.

Here are three solid reasons to outsource your Marketing:

1. Marketing counts

It doesn’t matter how great your services or offering is if no one knows your business exists. Marketing is essential to the life blood of your business. And Marketing is about so much more than advertising – it involves establishing and growing your brand and building a relationship with your customers that turns interest into sales. The result of a focused Marketing strategy? Increased profits! 

Marketing is simply too important a business function to be left for your spare time or to be handled by an employee who doesn’t have the necessary skill or expertise. Outsource your Marketing to the experts because Marketing counts.

2. Outsourcing can be cost-effective

Many small business owners shy away from outsourcing their Marketing because they don’t want to pay for something they feel they could do themselves, especially if their business is on a tight budget. However, if you don’t know how best to market your business, you might end up choosing the incorrect channel, approach, or materials and spend more than intended or deplete your budget before your Marketing efforts have had any real impact. If you outsource this function to the experts, you will be presented with a plan based on solid research and experience and that takes into account your industry, ideal customer, and budget. 

Also, with the right outsourced team, you can get the collective experience and input of a number of different experts for the cost of one full-time employee who will not be able to offer you the same diversity in skill.

3. Marketing right requires expertise and consistency

Marketing right is not only a skill, it requires an understanding of the different Marketing channels and how they work. Content marketing, for example, is a major way to reach your target audience – it involves sharing information that is relevant and interesting without being too ‘salesy’ and it’s a Marketing strategy that can be highly effective for attracting new customers as well as cementing your relationship with current ones. Think about this - in today’s busy world, your customers are bombarded with hundreds of messages every single day so your Content marketing strategy needs to be consistent, on brand, and relevant to stand out from the noise. It is unlikely that any small business will be able to hire a full time employee to design and manage their Content marketing campaigns. Outsource this function to an expert and get the job done right. 

And the same goes for the technical aspects of Marketing. Take digital Marketing, for example. It requires an understanding of elements such as SEO, Keywords, and social media campaigns – an expert outsourced team will use the most advanced technologies on multiple social platforms (including tracking and reporting tools) to optimise your Marketing efforts.

At Switch, our team of design and communication experts has the relevant experience and expertise to help your small business get noticed by the right people in the right way, and all within your budget. Give us a call and let’s talk about how outsourcing your Marketing to the experts is a must for your business this year.

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