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we're all about building meaningful relationships

We believe great marketing is about forming relationships with buyers, understanding the client journey, and forecasting your product lifecycle to fit the needs of clients using your products / services. To do this, we bring together the perfect combination of strategic and creative specialists to design and execute marketing strategies that will empower sales with your key buyers. Basically, feet in the door, clicks on the your site, long-term clients buying your products and services. 

Want a Bespoke marketing team built just for your business? Download our Handbook to find out how we work. 

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switch onto one of our relational retainers℠

Our foundation tool - we charge a set monthly price to bring multiple creatives into a sustained and prosperous relationship with your business. The result? Quality targeted marketing campaigns that deliver on your marketing needs across the board.

Each of our relational retainers℠ is made up of individual products. You can mix & match these (and even top up your retainer with injector credits) to bring more products to bear on your marketing projects. The aim? Maximise your Return on Investment. We're flexible like that! 

trusted by people and their brands

Small business owners are the reason we get up in the morning (that and great coffee). We're excited to partner with these people and add value to their everyday lives. Here are some of the brands we are currently working with...


"we're on a mission - to partner with and grow small businesses into a profitable relationship with their customers."

-  MARCUS RIVERA  (managing director)


what our clients have to say

Friendly, fun, creative, vibrant, and upcoming local Ballito company.
— Kirk & Lyall Berkeley (Zap Signs)
I chose SWITCHmarketing because the team is highly educated and experienced... SWITCH maintain very high standards and I have peace of mind when they handle a project as I am assured that it will be excellent.
SWITCH and the team live their business. Their energy, awareness, and consistency create a trusted brand that I am proud to work with!
— Richard Fleuriot (Fleuriot & Associates)

Become a part of the growing community of businesses that are investing in their customer growth and retention.

Meet the Switch Super team

Depending on your needs, you’ll either work with all of us or some of us (and our friends). Whoever’s in your team, you can sure it’ll be the right combo for your business.