Three more reasons to outsource your marketing to the experts.

Marketing is an essential but often neglected part of any business plan. Simply put, it doesn’t matter how brilliant your business or service is if no one knows it exists or if your customer base isn’t made up of loyal fans that chose you above your competitors. So, whether you run a small business or work for a professional organisation in a freelance marketing management position, outsourcing some or all of your marketing needs to experts who know what they’re doing is a great idea.

In previous blog posts, we’ve highlighted our top reasons for outsourcing your marketing to an expert team – the focused marketing efforts that come with expertise equal increased profit, outsourcing is much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time employee, and outsourcing gives you the freedom to focus on the business of business.

Still need convincing? Here are three more reasons why outsourced marketing will help your (or your client’s) business save time and money while increasing brand visibility and market share.

Three reasons to outsource marketing

1.  Fresh ideas

Because outsourced marketing consultants don’t work in only one business 24-7, they can bring a different perspective to an organisation’s marketing needs. This outsider’s perspective can be a creative and refreshing one as these consultants are not limited by organisational experience or position. Marketing agencies that employ professionals with diverse skills have access to a wide range of different clients and, therefore, new and exciting ideas all the time. They are also able to put together a team of professionals best suited to managing specific marketing needs in line with an organisation’s goals rather than just following the same marketing plan as years gone by.

2. Honest feedback

A marketing consultant who wants the best for their client recognises that they might sometimes have to give unwelcome feedback or difficult advice. This can be easier for an outsourced expert to do than an in-house employee, especially when it comes to the boss’ idea or chosen direction. Even if the business owner doesn’t want to hear it in the moment, an honest evaluation of an element like a past or planned marketing campaign can help a business save money and grow in the long run. Smart marketing consultants challenge their clients when they need to in order to get the results they are aiming for, and that can add huge value to any business plan.

3. Plugged in and on trend

Marketing technologies have increased and changed dramatically in a very short period of time. Facebook for business, Wordpress, SEO, CRM, social media, online apps and platforms.... do you know where your brand should be seen and how best to harness the power of the internet to get your business out there? Expert marketers make it their business to research and understand the latest marketing tools on the market and select the best ones for the business at hand, without their clients having to take the time to figure it out themselves.

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