Three big reasons to outsource your company's marketing today

The world of business has got busier and busier with each passing year and while advances in technology have helped to streamline many business processes, they have also added to our workloads and made business owners responsible for many more processes than ever before.

The result? As a business owner, you might find yourself stretched to the limit when it comes to running your core business while still trying to manage business-essential functions like HR and marketing. Marketing, in particular, often takes a back seat to other business processes as the ‘outcomes’ might not be as immediate or as obvious as those of other business functions. 

However, the truth is that there’s no point having a great product if no one knows it exists or why they should buy it. And that’s where a solid marketing campaign comes in. From the way your website is designed to how your email content is delivered, a cohesive marketing plan is essential to increased sales and ongoing good business. 

So what to do if you have no time to focus on marketing? Outsource to the experts, of course!

Here are our three big reasons you should outsource your marketing today:

1. Save on in-house costs

Especially if you’re a small business, hiring a full-time or in-house marketing manager can cost you more than you can afford. And, besides salary concerns, you will have to supervise and manage this individual as well. With an outsourced team, you can negotiate the exact terms and deliverables in a monthly contract. And, once they understand exactly what you want, you can let them get on with the job – secure in the knowledge that they are working to achieve specific goals such as lead generation and creative marketing campaigns, designed to get your business noticed and keep you using them again and again.  

2. Digital marketing is a skill

Email shots? Facebook? LinkedIn? Twitter? Not all marketing tools are created equal and the days of a simple flyer drop or sales phone calls are long gone. While not every platform will be right for your business, without a strong online presence, your business is going nowhere fast. But how do you negotiate the ‘noise’ that is today’s online space? Do you know how best to reach your target market? From a targeted website to an online interactive campaign, a marketing expert will know how to best mobilise the digital world for your business needs, saving your time and money while getting the best possible results.

3. Free up time to focus on your business

It’s obvious that effective marketing requires time, focused energy, and expertise. Even if you have the skills, focusing on the marketing side of your business takes you away from other important considerations and may not be the best use of your time as a business owner. Outsource the marketing, benefit from the creative talents of others, and focus on the work when it rolls in as a result!

Want an outsourced marketing partner? At Switch, our expert team of marketers will manage your brand to get your business noticed and get great results.