What’s a marketing campaign and why do you need one?

With digital tools and media access on the rise, competition among businesses looking to grab the attention of the same audience is rife. While it’s true that it doesn’t matter how great your product is if no one knows you exist, simply advertising (even if you can afford it) won’t ensure your business or brand gets noticed or grows. You need a plan. You need a marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy is your big picture plan – what you want your marketing to achieve for your business over time. Part of that strategy is putting in place specific, efficient, and effective marketing campaigns designed to target your ideal client and turn them into a loyal fan, ultimately helping your business to succeed. So what is a marketing campaign? A marketing campaign can be defined as a set of specific activities used in marketing a product or service, using established or new marketing channels.

Not every campaign will work for every business. An effective marketing campaign is the result of in-depth research, proper planning, and spot-on implementation. And it starts with a clear understanding of your brand and your current marketing goals.

Before launching a marketing campaign, you should take into account the following steps

1. Select your target audience

Whose attention are you interested in attracting? How can you best reach them? What are their interests / desires / needs? If you don’t know, it’s a good idea to conduct research before spending money on a campaign that might not reach its intended market after all.

2. Set your goal

What do you want to accomplish with this campaign? Increased sales, greater brand awareness, and / or lead generation? And, how will you measure the results? Measuring and reporting on the success or failure of a campaign can be invaluable to growing your marketing strategy.

3. Make a clear offer

What are you offering your target market? What is the campaign about and will it speak to its intended audience? Once you’ve decided on the idea, you need to ensure it is presented in a loud and clear marketing message that incorporates great design and crystal-clear communication.

4. Pick the right channel

What media channels will you use to promote this offer? Is this a print or digital campaign? Will you use email or phone calls? Or more than one channel? Your choice will depend on which channels best suit your target audience and intended result but budget can also play a role here.

5. Update your website and landing page

We live in a digital world and, in most cases, your online presence should play a significant part in each of your marketing campaigns. Ensure that your website is up to date and that there is a relevant landing page that encourages visitors to take action because the truth is... online marketing is where it’s at.

Need a marketing strategy that incorporates targeted campaigns but have no idea where to start? Call us! As marketing and communication experts, our team of top notch consultants can help you get your brand noticed and your business growing.

Marketing campaigns are an effective way to get inbound marketing working for you but they’re just one piece of the inbound puzzle.