Everyone’s doing it but should your business be on Facebook?

Facebook still ranks as one of our favourite online spaces – we use it to share, connect with those near and far, socialise, and network. And, if you own your own business, you’ve probably thought about having a Facebook business page or you might have one already… but should you?

Here are 5 reasons your business should be on Facebook

1. Referrals, referrals, referrals

Facebook still boasts one of the highest referral rates in the online world – beating out LinkedIn and Pinterest by driving 25% of social media referral traffic annually. Want others to refer you? Try sharing on Facebook and let’s see where your customers take you.

2. Content marketing is king

Social media allows you to advertise your business in a whole new way by speaking directly to your customer base about topical issues specific to their interests and your industry. This kind of marketing is not about hard selling but about client engagement and, if done right, it’s highly effective. Plus, a Facebook page can be an excellent way to direct traffic to your website as posts and links on your Facebook page can give you a welcome SEO boost.

3. Fast moving advertising

If you are going to advertise your services, Facebook is a fast and efficient platform – you can use Facebook adverts to drive traffic to your website or highlight special offers for your target market. And you can change them up as often as you like with relatively little fuss.

4. Client expectation

Worldwide, there are over 1.86 billion active Facebook users. And, when today’s buying market wants to know about a business, they do an online search – making an online presence a must for any reputable business. This includes a social media presence – a space where your customers feel comfortable interacting with you. Want to meet your customers’ expectations? Hello, Facebook.

5. Client connection

Again, almost every one of your customers is probably on Facebook and this makes it a potentially fruitful meeting and sharing space. If you interact with your customer base on Facebook, you could gain valuable insight into their needs and habits – insights that could help you build a better business and better marketing strategy. Provide a space for feedback, offer incentives, interact with real people, and create your own Facebook community for your business.

While all the evidence suggests that Facebook is a must, this isn’t true for every business. Certain industries and services don’t lend themselves to a social media platform and that’s worth keeping in mind.

Identifying and connecting with leads is an essential part of business growth, and social media platforms are just one way to do that. We’ve got so many more…