Five creative ways to thank your clients for their business.

If you’re a freelance marketing consultant (or any kind of freelancer for that matter), you will work with a range of different clients and on different projects. You’ll also have your favourite clients – those that give you great business and treat you right. And you’ll want to hang onto those and show them that you value their business.

An impactful way to show a client that you value their business is to say thank you. With a gift or gesture, saying thank you is a powerful way to connect with your client and cement your relationship. The fact is that appreciation is always appreciated.

Five creative ways to say thank you

1. Keep it classic and classy

Send your client a classic gift like wine or luxury chocolates, and make sure it’s beautifully wrapped and includes a handwritten thank you note. Handwritten or not, keep the note simple but be thoughtful and include a specific mention of your relationship or what you’ve learnt from working with this particular client, so that the note has a personal, rather than generic, feel.

2. Make it about them

If you’ve recently worked on a big project with a successful result, acknowledge that by tailoring your gift to fit. For example, if you’ve completed a brand refresh and your client has a new logo, courtesy of yours truly, order notebooks, pens, or business cards sporting the new look and showcase your work or get ahead of their next marketing campaign.

3. Offer a free service

In charge of marketing management or services for your client? Add a little something extra to next month’s retainer and offer them an extra service or a top-up for free. What about a digital advert for an online marketing campaign or a key marketing service like once-off updated website copy? This show of goodwill will not only be a pleasant surprise, it will highlight how much more value you could bring to your client and could result in more diverse future business.

4. Get them out and about

Invite your client to a VIP industry event or an event you’ve designed yourself. It doesn’t have to be a gala dinner or cost the earth but think about putting together an event that your client will appreciate as much as you do. Evening cocktails at a sky bar? Music in the park? A speaking event that focused on their industry? Send personalised invites, provide drinks and snacks, and treat your client to an experience that’s both special and memorable.

5. Refer clients to clients

If you really value your interactions with your clients (and are contributing to the products and services they offer), what better way to show your respect than by sending clients their way? Referrals are a powerful and practical way to say thank you. In essence, you are saying ‘Thank you for what you do and what you offer – I understand it well. I believe in your business and I want to share your work with my friends and colleagues.’ Now that’s appreciation.

Research shows that clients spend more and are more loyal when they feel acknowledged and appreciated. Take the time to think about how you can show gratitude for the work you’ve been given and your business and relationships will benefit in the long run. Want creative ideas for thanking your clients when the time comes? Talk to us! As an on-trend marketing collective, we specialise in out-of-the-box thinking and enjoy working with business owners and freelance professionals to build successful businesses.

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