Top tips for a successful rebrand

So it’s time for a rebrand? Whether you need to move with the times, connect (or re-connect) with your key customers, or reflect growth in a new area for your business, a rebrand can be a necessary and exciting process – one that leaves you with a refreshed look and direction, and, hopefully, increased sales.

While a rebrand has the potential to change your business for the better, it’s not something that should be undertaken lightly or in a rush. The best rebrands (those that make your business better and ensure you gain rather than lose customers) are well-thought out, carefully planned, and properly executed, most often with the help of professional consultants.

Because your brand is your business’ identity in the eyes of your customers, a successful rebrand is a big deal and should involve a number of considerations. To start you thinking about how a rebrand would work in your business, here are our top tips.

Top tips for a successful rebrand

1. Ask for and work with feedback

Want to know what your brand should look and feel like, and why? Ask key employees, valued clients, and potential customers about how they feel about your business, what they expect from it, and what sets you apart from your competitors (or what should do so). There are a number of market research tools that can help you gain this information.

2. Create a brand story

Your brand should tell one, consistent story with a strong message. It should be a problem-solving tale that your employees and customers engage with and believe in. This story needs to tie in with your (possibly reworked) mission and vision statements.

3. Consistently display and communicate your new brand

Once your business’ rebrand is complete, it’s time to get the message out there. Every one of your communication channels needs to reinforce the same message and project the same image in order to maintain a professional appearance. Besides your website (a major selling tool for your business!), don’t forget your social media chancels like Facebook, as many of your clients might only connect with your business in this way.

4. Be consistent in the face of resistance

It could take your customers time to become comfortable with your new brand and you might come up against some resistance. Stay the course. If you’ve done the work and you know this rebrand is right for your business, stand behind your decision and take the time to explain it to others so that they finally come to see your decision to rebrand as a positive and exciting one.

5. Work with the professionals

When it comes to branding and marketing your business, you might not know best. It can be difficult to work in and on your business every day and remain truly objective about how to market it to others. Exercises like designing or rebranding your business or creating and delivering a marketing campaign require specialist skills and dedicated time and attention (at a level you might not have at the moment) in order to be effective. When it comes to marketing your business, outsourcing it to the right people could generate the best returns in the long run.

Need help with rebranding your business? Or maybe you’ve never established a brand in the first place? Let us help! As (online) marketing experts, we understand how to best market your small business and make it stand out from the crowd. That’s what we do and we’d love to do it for your business!

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