Three things a professional designer can do for your marketing that you can't.

Small businesses often have tight budgets and whether you’re just starting out or are looking to refresh your business’ look and feel, you might think that hiring a professional graphic designer to work on your brand is not for you. 

On the other hand, hiring a professional designer can do wonders for your marketing, ultimately affecting your bottom line in the best way – increased sales. Need specifics?

Here are three things a professional designer can do for your marketing that you can’t:

1. Develop a unique brand

People are bombarded with hundreds of marketing messages every single day. How do you get your business to stand out? Start with your brand! Your brand is the foundation of your marketing initiative and a strong, well-supported look and feel will go a long way to making your business stay top of the class in the minds of your target audience. Graphic design is a professional skill – it requires talent, education, and experience to develop a unique brand. Rather than trying to put together your own brand, look to an expert – not only will they do the job right, they’ll save you time (and ultimately money).

2. Use design software to your best advantage

No matter how creative you are, if you’re not a graphic designer it is unlikely that you will have enough knowledge (or resources) to manage the kind of design software needed to create a consistent look and feel across all your marketing materials. Consistency is essential to building and maintaining your brand’s reputation and presence. Again, time and money are a factor here – why waste time trying to tinker with your computer’s design software when an expert can do the work in a quarter of the time and it’ll probably look better? Also, a designer will make sure that any artwork is saved and delivered in a format that makes professional printing or web development hassle-free.

3. Provide valuable creative input

Have ideas about how you would like your marketing materials to look but not sure quite how to execute them? How having no idea what you want from your brand, except that it needs to be professional and special? A professional designer can help! With everything from what font to use to imagery, layout, and the best medium, a professional designer can help to harness your vision and deliver concrete materials that respond to your business’ marketing needs. Designers are creatives and, when you hire one, not only can they bring some much-needed outside perspective to your latest marketing project, they will work hard to make sure you’re satisfied with the end result.

Hire a professional designer and make sure your marketing materials stand out from the crowd and they’ll have the desired impact. At Switch, we work with designers who are as passionate about great marketing and small businesses as we are, and who have the skills to develop marketing materials that speak to your business’ needs.

Speak to us – from marketing strategies to copywriters to designers, we can cover all your brand and marketing needs.