Why you should let a professional design your company brand

Are you starting a new business or is it time to refresh your existing company brand? Then it’s time to call in the experts. While you might initially feel that hiring a professional to design (and perhaps manage) your company brand is unnecessary, the opposite is true!

From your logo to your website, your brand should represent your business in a spot-on and consistent manner. How to get your brand there? Hire someone in the know.

Here are 4 reasons why you should let a professional design your company brand:

1. Skills and qualifications count

Brand design is an art and if you truly want your brand to look professional, impress your clients, and represent the heart of your business in an impactful way, then it is a job best left to an expert. While you (or your friends) might have some great ideas about what you want your brand to look like, bringing those ideas to life (often across varied media) takes skill and expertise.

2. Success rests in understanding current market trends

No matter how great your personal understanding of your brand is, this understanding doesn’t always translate well when it comes to your target market. A professional designer (and the marketing team they work with) will have the relevant industry experience and a strong understanding of current trends and market needs and wants. This will inform their design of your brand, ensuring it stands out from the crowd while still appealing to your target market.

3. You might be a little too close

The correct execution of the above steps depends to a large extent on perspective. Sometimes you can be too close to your brand – to your idea of what you think it should be. After consultation with you and your team, a professional designer can come to your brand with a fresh eye and different perspective. The result? An impactful brand based on a combination of your ideas and their creative input. 

4. Working with an expert will actually save you time and money

Do you have the time or expertise to fiddle around with creating a brand, using software you don’t really know how to use? Or, worse, ending up with an average result by using software that hasn’t been designed for the job? A professional designer will customise your brand for your business, creating something that is both unique and suitable for use across a range of media, without having to be re-invented again and again.

Your brand is the foundation of your marketing materials – it is the primary representation of your business. So, it’s worth giving it the attention (and professional helping hand) it deserves. At Switch, we specialise in creating brands that increase your business presence and ultimately drive sales to your door.

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