3 creative ways to get new business

Finding up ways to drum up new business can be challenging but all business owners need to do that to keep their business alive and growing. While there are standard ways to sell (think cold calling, print advertising, referrals), these can only take your business so far. If you really want to grow your business (and who doesn’t?), it’s a good idea to bring new strategies for finding new clients into your marketing plan.

Here are three creative ways to get new business

1. Outsource your marketing 

Despite its importance, marketing is an often-neglected part of any business’ sales plan. Most business owners don’t have the time, energy, or knowledge to focus on creating, delivering, and tracking integrated marketing campaigns. But the fact is it doesn’t matter how great your business is if no one knows it exists so this area of your business needs focused attention. If you want seriously effective marketing, outsource it. Find an outsourced marketing agency that knows what they’re doing and let the experts do the work for you. This will ensure your business gets the attention it deserves from your ideal customer – the one most likely to buy!

2. Work your business online

Much of the world lives and works in an online space. When was the last time you updated your website? And ran a targeted campaign that links to that site? And, while you might enjoy Facebook or LinkedIn from a social perspective, when managed right, they can be a great way to draw attention to your business and generate sales. Not to mention online forums where like-minded individuals gather to share information and referrals. It’s not enough to simply be online. Your business needs to have a separate, professional online presence, and it needs to work hard to draw new business to your door.

3. Offer a free trial

All marketing campaigns should include a call to action – a request that your customer do something like make contact or click a link to receive a reward. Why not take the call to action process a step further and offer a free trial of your service or product? What better way to convince a potential client that your product is the greatest than letting them try it out for themselves? And then don’t forget to follow up – make your offering and service so fantastic that your potential customer becomes a loyal (paying) client.

Getting new business requires you to have a look at the world around you, at how people are currently doing business, where your clients are gathered, and then to take action. Not sure where to start? We can help! As digital marketing experts and consultants, we can revamp your website, establish your online presence, and deliver inbound marketing campaigns that cut through the noise. That’s what we do! Contact us to find out how we can help your business increase sales today.

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