You’re putting your business on Facebook? Start here.

Online marketing and engagement are musts for any business trying to get noticed and stay relevant in today’s fast-moving consumer-focused world. Have a website but want more? Depending on your industry, Facebook can be a great online space to market your business. 


Ready? Here are our starting block tips for your Facebook business page

1. Know why you want a business page

Want to connect with your customer base? Want to share industry news that will grow your business? Want a social media presence? Find out why you want a business page on Facebook (and “because everyone else is there” is not always the best reason) and work to creating a page that fulfils those needs.

2. Facebook is not about the hard sell

As above, Facebook is for branding, community-building, and customer engagement, and it should be used for content and in-bound marketing initiatives. All these things can lead to sales but that shouldn’t be your starting point for creating the page as hard selling has the potential to annoy your customers and drive them away rather than draw them in.

3. Manage your page properly or get professional help

An out-of-date or dormant page can end up being a hindrance rather than a help. Better no page than one that doesn’t do anything. Managing your business page effectively requires time, energy, and expertise. If you don’t have it, find someone who does.

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Not sure how to navigate the online marketing world? Need help developing a social media strategy that works for your business? Our team of marketing experts can help!

Connecting through social media can be a powerful ways to identify and engage with high-quality leads but are you doing all you can when it comes to lead generation?