3 big reasons your business needs a new website

Your business probably already has a website, leaving you wondering why you would need a new one. However, if it’s older than 3 years, odds are you do. By this time, it’s more than likely to be out of date both in terms of design and content, leaving any visitors with a poor impression and missing the chance to sell your services to your ideal customer.

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In our fast-moving online world, a great website is one that is actively managed, keeps up with the latest trends in content marketing and design, and is simple and easy to navigate and interact with. Does your website do all of that?

3 reasons to consider a new website this year

1. Reflect who you are today

Nothing stays the same forever and the same goes for your business’ services, products, and sometimes customers. Your website should be a current advert for all of these elements, reflecting where your business is now rather than where it was few years ago. Giving the impression that your business is organised and up-to-date in their daily dealings, a clean, trendy website with relevant content will catch your ideal customer’s eye, making them linger longer and engage further.

2. Take advantage of new technologies

Digital technology is changing and advancing on an almost daily basis. If you have an old website, you probably have old technology and are limiting what your website can do for your business. Simple navigation tools, helpful plug-ins, and elements such as links to social media channels like Facebook can be a powerful way to organise your online life and connect with your clients. Tech can help spread the word about your business – use it or find someone who can use it for you!

3. Connect with your clients on the move

More and more, individuals go online on their phones rather than on a traditional desktop – as of 2016, 85% of websites were viewed on a mobile device. A responsive website is designed to take into account how it is displayed on different mobile devices. Without this feature, your website is less likely to come up in Google’s SEO rankings and more likely to discourage visitors from staying on the site if and when they do find it.

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