Why Is Website Design Important?

Recently, I had the incredible task of creating websites, and with doing so, I felt the beginning of a great passion! I was sitting at my desk, working on website design when I suddenly thought, "why is website design even important for the company?" 

Many people get told that they need a website, and find it an expensive exercise. Reality is that it is actually one of the most important things a company needs. A website can either attract or push clients away. Think about it; when you are unsure of something or a company, what do you do? You look online for the answers! Some websites are great and you contact them for further information or, if you can't find them online or the website is terrible, you probably don't contact that company in the future.

Having a website is key for any company, but a website that is created correctly! There are 3 key areas that need to be done accurately.

1. SEO and Keywords

SEO simply stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Putting it in simple terms, it is what people type into Google when they are looking for answers. We do extensive research when it comes to clients' SEO and Keywords. It is so important to get right that we have one designated staff member to do this role! If this is done incorrectly, the only people going to your website are the ones you speak to. If this is done correctly, you will have people contacting you for the right reasons, interests and you have a new client with a lot less man power.

2. Simple Design

Before you disagree with this statement, read through. Have you ever landed on a website that has bright banners on the page that are distracting your eyes, the print is so small that you can't read what it says and maybe it takes forever to load? That is all part of bad website design. We believe that a website needs to be easy to read, simple to navigate through and that as soon as you land on the site, you know exactly which company you have landed on without looking at a logo.

Brand management is so important! Your company is one brand and should not be different to the experience the customers receive when interacting with them. If your brand is fun, blue and focus on relationships, then that is what your website needs to look like so that people don't get two different messages when interacting with your company. A study was done and found that 94% of people mistrusted a website based on bad design.

Website design is important to us! We are always researching current trends and make websites that are accurate to the brand. We stick to precise colours, fonts, imagery and copy. A website should also always look great on all three types of devices, a computer, a tablet and cellphone. We believe in Website Design that Works!

3. Content 

This may be at the bottom of the list but it is equally as important as the above 2 points. This point is where the company gets involved. We can put up a well designed website and ensure that the SEO and Keywords are accurate but content is King!

The more you are submitting new content onto your website, the more favourable you are in the eyes of Google which makes you more likely to be found by prospective clients. Content shows customers that you are trustworthy and that your relationship with them matters. Taking time out of your day to write a post to show them that you are always up to date and leave no information in the dark. The more the client knows, they are more inclined to make a purchase.

Look out for our next blog with more in-depth information about our three key areas of website design. 

SEO is what attracts the customer, design is what keeps the potential customer on your website and the content is what converts a potential customer to a happy and paying customer.
— Bianca Croeser

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