Cost-effective digital marketing for your small business? We’ve got some ideas.

In our online world, digital marketing is a must for any small business wanting to get noticed, raise brand awareness, and increase sales. As a small business owner, you probably know this but might think it’s all a little too complicated, time-consuming, or costly to take your business marketing digital.

The good news? This doesn’t have to the case! Depending on your digital marketing needs, there are more than a few ways to get your business marketing online without breaking the bank. Your biggest investments in these scenarios? Expertise and time.

Digital Marketing

Five ways to do digital on a budget

1. Blog, blog, and blog some more

It can be relatively cost-free to set up a blog on your website and start blogging. Remember to populate it with relevant, interesting content sure to engage your ideal reader. And make it consistent and current. Need blogging tips? Read this.

2. Get in on email marketing

Building an email database of relevant readers is the first step to connecting with your customer base through one of their most-checked ports of call – their inbox. Make sure you have their permission and never spam your contacts – that will get you blocked before you know it. Then work on email marketing materials (think newsletter, downloadable assets, messages of support) that are designed to educate (rather than sell to) your customers. Need content tips? Read this.

3. Flex your Facebook

Social media profiles, when managed properly, can help raise brand awareness and give you the perfect platform to connect with your target market without blowing your budget. Look into flex target marketing on Facebook – target profiles with a set of specific characteristics on your social media network to increase your chances of connecting with the right audience at the right time. Haven’t tried Facebook for your business yet? Read this.   

4. Instantly advertise on Instagram

You don’t need an Instagram account to post and advertise on Instagram if you’re on Facebook as it can all be managed from your Facebook account. Even better, clicks on an Instagram advert can be linked directly to your website or a specific landing page targeted at a select target market, and letting you make the most of your brand and content offers.

5. Leverage your content

If you’ve spent time, energy, and money creating great content for your brand and business, make sure to use it more than once! For example, write a blog post that you can post on your website, as a guest post something else (just check their submission rules), link to your social media account, add an infographic for your followers to share, or even develop the content into a downloadable asset. Multi-purpose content is what you’re aiming for – give it legs and let it run! Tips on great content? Read this.

Effective digital marketing tailored to your business needs can have a huge impact on how your business is noticed and experienced by your customers (and that includes sales figures!). We offer a choice of relational retainers designed to bring creative experts (and all their tools) to work on your enhancing your brand and growing your business.

Need help deciding what marketing techniques work best for your business? Talk to us!