Online Reputation Management


Online Reputation Management (ORM) is an efficient and accurate online marketing system which we have in place to ensure that our clients overall online presence is well looked after. The system requires weekly input from the client, supplying content that is published frequently. Content will appear on the company’s website as well as their social media platforms that are linked to the website.


The purpose of ORM is to nurture and maintain our clients communication strategies and their contingencies. We utilise marketing materials and tools to track lead conversions of customers on behalf of our clients, guiding them through the conversion process. 


1. Website Maintenance

  • Facilitate minor website changes

  • Maintain a Blogging Schedule - We create content in a monthly content schedule that provides trending content and keywords to guide our clients through blogging.

2. Social Media Optimisation

  • Social Media Checks - Social Media Checks are done weekly to ensure that all social media pages are in order and that all notifications have been attended to.

3. ORM Research 

  • Keyword Research - Keywords are audited monthly to ensure that our clients websites are found for the right reasons. We look for trending keywords that will support and popularise clients websites so that they aren’t left in the dungeon!

Online Reputation Management’s sole duty is to make sure that the online reputation of our clients is managed accurately and consistently, leading to a clean overall presence furnished according to the latest trends, leaving our clients with no room for doubt.

Talya is an Online Reputation Specialist with Switch Marketing and studies Physchology at UNISA when not discovering unique ways for our clients to increase engagement with their audiences.