Blogging: Writing the Best Content

Have you ever read something and thought, “Well what was the point of that?” I can honestly say that I have read many articles because of a great title but learnt nothing from it. Many times, a blog has a great title, or it claims to be a “how to” yet only describes what the “how to” is and not how to actually do something in itself.

I have learnt a few tips through varsity and being in the working world that has really helped me.

1. Research Your Topic

If you are going to write an article, be sure to make it worth while for the reader. If you have been given a topic that you are not to clued up on, research and find out more. Make sure that you know what you want to achieve from the article and that you have the sufficient amount of knowledge and information to share it with the reader. Don’t lead your audience astray, rather don’t assume answers and find real answers for them, therefor becoming a credible source.

2. 5W’s and a H

The 5W’s stand for 5 questions that need to be answered within your first two sentences of the entire article: what, when, who, where and why. The H stands for How. How, is usually a great way to start giving the details of your story and to lead you into the rest of your written post. 

3. Each Paragraph is a new topic, and stick to it!

Each paragraph needs to have a purpose, that will be helpful and/or insightful to the reader. This helps the reader to gather your thoughts in a logical way. Readers won’t be confused from too much information in one place and left with things unexplained.

4. Would I want to read this?

This is a question that you continuously need to ask yourself while writing your article. If you would not willing to read an article that you have written, chances are that someone else won’t want to read it either. Keep it direct, enticing and relevant.

5. Have fun

When you are writing, be sure to have some fun! 

Bianca is our Community Manager at Switch Marketing. When she's not balancing the delicate connections between our marketers and clients, she can be found knitting on the Midlands Meander with her husband.

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