Three sizzling content marketing ideas for your website.

When it comes to using your website as a marketing tool (to draw in new customers and consistently engage with your loyal fans), content marketing is what it’s all about.

The term ‘content marketing’ (or ‘inbound marketing’) refers to the process of using (mainly online) content to attract prospective customers before they are looking to buy your services or products. It is the opposite of outbound marketing that ‘goes out’ with a hard sales message. Want to know more? Read this.

When it comes to content marketing in a business’ digital space, we are the experts! And we just love to share our insights and tips for getting the most out of your marketing tools. In today’s post, we’re sharing three content marketing ideas that will help turn up the heat on your website, in the most positive of ways.

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Three sizzling content marketing ideas for your website

1. Create a downloadable infographic

It’s no secret that, in today’s fast-paced digital world, most people prefer to engage with visuals than text which means including pictures in your content is always a win. Hence the rise of the infographic – a visual representation of the content you want to share. Make it a download on condition that site visitors give you some basic information (such as their email address for a newsletter sign-up, for example) and you’ve just created content that works to get you more business and/or raise brand awareness. The benefit of this kind of infographic is two-fold – your site visitor gets relevant, free content and you get to share information with them while learning more about them. The subject of your infographic can be any content you believe will add value to your ideal customers – top tips, current trends, the summary of a difficult aspect of your industry or work process.

2. Know and engage with your top content

Take the time to look through your website’s analytics and work out your top three blog posts – the ones that received the most attention from site visitors. Figure out why this is the case (we’re thinking stellar content should be a top reason) and compile a list of topics you can rework, update, or take further. Examples include explaining industry terms, updating your services and expertise, or answering follow-up questions. You can also look at content you’ve already written and recycle it for a different platform. For example, turn old newsletter articles into blog posts or blog posts into podcasts.

3. Get trendy on your blog

Make sure your content is on trend (and therefore more likely to garner hits and shares) by wiring a blog post about a current debate in your industry or, even better, a trending conversation on social media. Engage in what your target audience is talking about now and show the world that you are the expert, in the know and on the job. Summarise positions and offer solutions – start presenting yourself (and your business) as a thought leader in what you do.

As experts in digital / online marketing, we can help you create a content-friendly website that is so much more than an online brochure for your business. Working with experts in variety of fields, from website design to content management, the Switch team knows all about the hows, whats, and whens of great content marketing and we can manage it all for you. Let us take your website to the next level.

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