3 Ways to create increase engagement from your Online Audience

Your Online Audience is one of the most important things to consider when publishing Online content. Knowing your readers can make or break the customer flow of your website, increase or diminish your credibility in the market, or it can create an insanely loyal following for your brand. At every stage of the Online experience someone is coming to your website for something. They've either performed a search, received shared content from a friend or directly came back to your website for a quick browse. They want engagement!

With that, here are 3 quick ways you can increase engagment from your Online audience:

1) Create Direct Marketing campaigns for re-engagement

A very simple and effective method is to offer them some type of subscription to your content. Some companies do this through Newsletter Sign Ups, while others use RSS feeds - but the message is clear, help them to come back. If your content is worhtwhile and targeted, they will inherently be drawn to sign up for valuable updates. Provide call-to-action buttons at different stages of the buying process so that whilst the thought is fresh in their mind, they can engage further and begin to consider your propostions as a solution to their needs. The better you can create direct marketing campaigns (particularly your email marketing database) the better you can segment and pinpoint a potential buyer.

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See how easy that was^? 

2) Build Buyer Personas for your audience

That is great marketing talk for "know who your customer is". If you're building buyer personas (or personalities), that means you are creating an understanding of the people that engage with your content and that you are speaking more to them than anyone else. By doing this, you save them time and effort by not making an offer they will ignore. You also instill trust that when you speak it's worth listening to and begin to captivate your readers. Once you break that trust by providing information that isn't captivating, you begin to desentitize your audience. Don't be that marketer!

3)  Pay attention to enquiries and offer helpful items

This is a simple and easy one - if you're a company that does screen repairs for moble devices and you've just finished servicing a client, why not add them to a marketing list and offer them something like say, a screen protector or cover so that they're protected for when the mistake happens again? You'll appear as genuine as you want to be and your client will rememebr you as you work into being top of mind for that particular service. 

There's just a few ideas, but they create even more ways to have real intimate conversations with your audience that can in turn reveal pains and solutions for you to address with potential clients and loyal followers.

Can you think of any other ways to increase audience engagement? Provide a few in the comments below! 

Marcus Rivera

Born and bred in New York City and bringing value to organizations across South Africa.