Year-end client gift ideas to make sure your brand stands out.

At Switch, we are invested in building meaningful relationships with our clients – we love to help them grow their businesses and care about their success. And if we can keep adding value to their businesses year after year, all the better. That’s why we believe in acknowledging the business we get from our clients (and reminding them that we are there for them as needed).

As the end of the year draws near, it’s time to plan your year-end gifts for those clients that have given you great business this year (or the ones you really want to do business with next year). And, while a classic thank you gift is sure to be appreciated, this is also a good opportunity to make sure your brand stands out from the gift-giving crowd. Brand-centric marketing opportunity, here we come!


Five brand-clever year-end gift ideas

1. Start with their name

Most branded corporate gifts are all about the giver’s brand. Mugs, notebooks, pens, swag tags... you name it, it will normally be branded with your company’s logo and details. And that’s fine – in fact, it’s the point when you’re trying to get your brand top of mind. But consider including your client’s name first or in addition to yours. A branded mug with their name on one side? Personalised USBs? Make the gift personal and direct rather than generic and it’s more likely to be used than stored away in a cupboard.

2. Go with favourites

Cheese, chocolates, and wine are staple client gifts and most clients will receive a basket (or two) of goodies from their suppliers come year end. Take this type of gift up a notch by selecting your client’s favourite treats and sending those or local delicacies from the area or the client’s industry. Brand it up but pay attention to the details to make sure your gift (and thus your brand) makes a great impression.

3. Go green

A seasonal or office-sturdy plant is a classic great gift idea. Select a plant that’s related in some way to your business, services, or brand, and go ahead and brand the container. Not only is it a healthy and beautiful gift, if your client keeps the plant on their desk, it’s a constant reminder of your business.

4. A discount on your services

Vouchers and gift cards make for excellent gifts (and everyone enjoys a freebie) but why not make it personal and link the discount to your services? If your clients are paying for all the great work you do for them, reward them with some extra work ‘for free’. This will add value and show that you care enough to give a gift that makes a real difference to your client’s business. Plus, it’s your brand they’re getting, all the way.

5. Get giving

Reach out to your client and let them know that you’d like to make a contribution to a charity of their choice in their name. Not only will this help your brand to stand out from other suppliers in the client’s mind, it’s a generous and ethical action that can only add good to the world.

Looking for more great ideas to get your brand out there? Talk to us! As a cutting-edge marketing collective (bursting with creative, copy, and design talent), we are passionate about agile problem-solving and innovative thinking, and we love making our clients (and their clients!) happy. 

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