Why brand audits count (and shouldn’t be a once-off thing).

Brand Audit and why it matters

Your brand is a living, evolving part of your business. It’s the way in which you present your company and your value to the world (read more about the importance of a re-brand here). Factors such as company culture, imagery, even the colour of your logo, have a major impact on how your brand is perceived by your current and prospective customers.

For the purpose of this post, it’s important to remember that for your brand to stay relevant and have the desired impact when it comes to your marketing strategy, it needs to change and evolve in line with and in reaction to changes in the marketplace, in your customer experience plan, and product and service changes happening within your organisation. This means that, just like your marketing strategy, your brand needs to be reviewed on a regular basis to remain effective and impactful – to build solid brand equity with new and established customers.

Want to make sure your brand is still applicable to your business? Still speaks to your target audience? Is all it should be? Start with a brand audit to find out the state of your brand, how it can be refined, what needs to change, and how to get the competitive edge.

A brand audit should include a consideration of:

1. Your company’s position in the marketplace

2. Customer and marketplace perceptions of your brand and business

3. Your company’s position in relation to your competitors

4. The design elements of the brand and its representation in the marketplace

5. Your company’s website

6. All social media and communication channels

7. Your content marketing strategy

8. Current print materials and marketing assets

You can conduct your own brand audit but there are significant benefits to outsourcing this task to an expert team (like the one at Switch Marketing!). It’s easier for an expert outsider to objectively evaluate your brand and make suggestions about creative and concept decisions that can lead to the best possible changes.

Active brand management (especially when it comes to digital marketing) should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. And if you treat it with the respect and attention it deserves, it will help you to grow your fan base and increase your sales. Need help managing your brand for today’s digital-intense marketplace? We can help. Talk to us – we have the experience, expertise and tools to take your brand where it needs to be today.

At Switch, we can help you make the most of your brand. Let’s chat.