The importance of Simplicity For Marketers

the ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak
— Hans Hofmann

A marketing consultant's objective is to, well obviously, help guide and direct their consumers on the path of success. But what intention do marketing consultants have behind the scene? 

With numerous technological devices, flashy advertisements and redundant information bombarding the lives of consumers, marketers are finding new and innovative ways to combat these complexities with modern marketing. That is, simplifying the decision making process!

Simplifying methodologies creates an easier approach to learning new things and helping consumers in their buying decisions rather than distracting them. This, for marketing consultants, is crucial. To succeed, companies of diverse natures have to learn how to simplify the lives of their consumers. This can start anywhere from organising your business's incoming messages and managing it's contact list to creating clean and clear ways of marketing your product or service. Focusing on the important rather than the trivial items creates a clearer and emotionally powerful message because of it's focus. Marketers are creating strategies about how to stand out amidst the clutter by presenting exactly what their consumers need to know. There are key principles that both producers and consumers can follow to benefit from this approach. 


1. Reduce the number of tools that you use

Reduce the number of applications and methods you use to make them work together wherever possible. 

2. Limit your Objectives and Strategies

Having too many targets will accomplish the same thing as having no target. Pick less than ten objects to track and less than ten strategies to implement. 

3. Identify your Ideal Customer

Ask the question "Who will purchase my product and how will they benefit from it?" At Switch, we create your ideal customer in a buyer persona, making your selling process simpler. 

This allows you to bring forward the important aspects of your business - it affects your productivity and effectiveness, thinking, social skills, relationships and the leads. Simplicity is the leading of great businesses.

Create methodologies to make your business simpler and watch your productivity increase. Want to know more? Let’s chat!