Five smart ways to promote your business on LinkedIn.

Did you know that LinkedIn has 332 million members and two new users join every second? As a powerful social media platform, LinkedIn is an excellent way for professionals to connect with each other and for business owners and marketing managers to promote their businesses with target buyers and potential employees.

Even if you have your company page up and running and are connected with various business groups, there are a number of different ways that you can better promote your business on LinkedIn.

Smart ways to get your business noticed on LinkedIn

1. Update tight and right

Keeping the information on your business’ LinkedIn page up to date is obviously a good move. It needs to be clear, concise and relevant. Equally important are regular and focused status updates that include recent developments in your company, business innovations, recently completed projects and any creative “tips and tricks” that show your business as a serious played in your industry.

2. Use images with an impact

Research shows that images tend to get more attention in online media posts than text does. And, while content is king when it comes to customer engagement, content that is either presented as an image or has a powerful image attached to it tends to get more attention. So, add high quality visual imagery to your company profile and posts.

3. Add your business to your personal profile

As a professional, you probably have a personal LinkedIn page. Connect it to your company page and use your personal profile to highlight the personality behind your company’s brand. Your personal profile is a way to add reputability and authenticity to your company’s page, as well as offering an extra place to advertise your website address and any other social media accounts.

4. Share clever content in a group

Consider setting up a group on LinkedIn focused on specific interests in your business’ industry or in an area in which your company is a thought leader. If you can spark discussion, you can let more LinkedIn members know about your business and services. It’s also important to take part in other well-established groups so that you can grow your reputation as company in the know. Avoid direct advertising and rather engage in the topics on the group that allow you to create conversations with interested parties.

5. Watch your words and writing style

LinkedIn is a professional group so you shouldn’t share content that’s too personal or in a style that is too casual. Write in a way that reflects your business’ style and brand voice. Write as you would on your company blog – use keywords, share trending content, keep idea sharing brief and smart, and avoid making grammar mistakes. In short, let your writing reflect your company’s personality and expertise.

LinkedIn is an important platform in the social media landscape – a landscape that companies that want to grow their businesses need to learn to use to their best advantage. Managing any social media platform for marketing purposes is best done in line with a focused strategy that takes into account the company’s digital marketing plan, goals and target markets. Need help from a team in the know? Talk to us – as digital marketing experts, we know how to make your business stand out in the ever-evolving world of social media.

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