Do you need a website copywriter? Yes!

Your website might look great on first glance but what is it saying? The truth is, without well-written, engaging content, your website won’t be able to do the job of attracting customers to your business even if it does have the perfect design.

Words count and the copy on your website represents the voice of your business. From information to tone, this copy tells your customers what you’re all about. And not everyone has the ability to write great copy. That’s the job of a professional copywriter.

Online copy, in particular, is a skill. Whatever your business, you’re an expert at what you do. The same goes for generating great copy – it requires a wordsmith with expertise and experience. This is certainly true for an online space as, not only do people read differently online than they do when reading print, your website has to stand out from all the others a user might click on in search of a particular service or product. 

Effective website copy is about so much more than accurate spelling and grammar (though it goes without saying that those are important!). It is about selling – capturing a potential client’s attention and then getting them to engage with what is being sold in a short amount of time. It requires potential clients to take action (clicking to sign up or buy what is on offer, for example) and a proficient website copywriter will work calls to action into website content. They will also understand how to optimise content for search engines (heard for SEO?)  and use keywords and metadescriptions that will invite users to visit your website.

What makes compelling website copy?

  • Speaking directly to a clearly defined audience
  • Short, tight writing that is easy to read and understand without being too basic, too detail-orientated, or ‘salesy’
  • Content that is broken up by attention-grabbing headlines
  • Clear benefit statements and calls to action

You might know exactly what you want your website to say but not know how to get it to say that. At Switch, our copywriters understand how to align your content with your marketing strategy for the best possible results.

Need help? Work with a professional copywriter to make sure your message comes across loud and clear.