Budget cuts? Digital marketing ideas that won’t cost you the earth.

Marketing is an essential business activity – simply put, there’s no point in having an amazing business if no one knows about it so marketing needs to be part of your sales and brand strategy. Having said that, it can sometimes seem that marketing is an expensive undertaking – there are so many elements and potential new costs that getting the best out of your marketing initiatives can be put a strain on your budget.

The good news? This doesn’t have to be the case. Start with working with an expert team that knows how to make marketing work for you (their services don’t have to cost the earth either) and get inspired to beat your budget with our list of cost-effective but impactful marketing ideas.

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Cost-effective digital marketing ideas to get your business noticed

1. Create or update your website

It doesn’t cost that much to get a running (and well-functioning) website up and running and the benefits are long-term and numerous. Every reputable business needs to have a website – not only does this increase your appearance of professionalism, it helps potential customers to find you (the first search most people make is an online one, after all) and gives you a chance to generate awareness and make contact with relatively little effort (especially if your website is being managed by a professional team).

2. Blogging is a smart move

A well- run blog with relevant content and consistent posts can help establish you as a leader in your industry and create a bigger marketing opportunity for your services and products. And, if it’s part of your website, it doesn’t have to cost you extra.

3. Get social the right way

Social media is a platform used by almost every person engaged in the digital world (and, let’s face it, that’s almost every person with spending power). Use social media right and you can increase your brand awareness and connect more effectively with your customer base. Plus, most social media channels (such as Facebook) offer inexpensive advertising and marketing opportunities.

4. Speak up

Become a guest speaker at a client event or offer to speak at large networking events. Not only will it raise your profile, speaking at a relevant gathering can help you make connections and get referrals. And, if you're an invited speaker, it won’t cost you a cent.

5. Box clever

There are a number of small marketing activities you can do that won’t cost you much but will definitely get the word out there. For example, send our promotional codes or offers with your invoices – you are already making contact with your clients, so why not generate more business? Or rehash old content to create something new such as taking a blog post and turning it into a YouTube video and posting it on a relevant date or in line with the latest trends.

Need help creating or revising your marketing plan from a cost-effective but powerful perspective? Talk to us. The Switch marketing team are digital marketing experts – we believe in website design that works, fresh design, and sizzling content. From managing your marketing strategy to establishing your online presence, our outsourced marketing solutions are designed to get your business’ marketing done right (without breaking the bank).

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