First Things First, Branding | Phase 1 of Great Website Design.

In our previous blog we spoke about why website design is important and it mentioned three main points which included SEO, Design and Content. Let's explore more about design. The design of a website can come across as something that anyone can do, but is it really? 

Here are four website design thoughts to consider before creating your effective, attractive and accurate website:

1. Purpose

When considering creating a website, you need to understand the clear purpose of your website, whether it is for yourself or a business. Do you want to inform people of why you exist? Explain your product to whoever arrives on your website? Be a place where people learn more about what you specialise in? Or simply use it as a place where potential clients can contact you?

Each website is a conversation that you are having with customers, whether they are prospectives or long standing. You need to ensure that the conversation you are having is precise, informative and worthwhile. Once you have decided the clear purpose of your website, you need to think of the Brand.

2. Branding

What is branding? It is the image of your company; the way it looks is the outfit it decides to wear in the morning and the way it talks is the wording and tone used throughout the website and company materials. Branding is made up of the logo, the corporate documents, the signage, the way your office looks and the way your staff is dressed, so why exclude your website from that? 

Your website is what ties all of your branding together. It shows that a company really is what they say they are and who they are. The website needs to be created with the branding documents at hand. Branding standardises the inspiration for your use of fonts, colours, and even office experience elements. It is where great website design is drawn from. Once your brand is chosen, you are ready to move onto website design!

3. Website Design - Keep the big picture in mind

When creating your website, you need to ensure that the purpose of the website is being pursued. This would have been clarified already before getting this far. 

I have noticed when doing research that there are some websites that do not look anything like it's brand or have any relative information on it. This can become quite frustrating for those that are searching for answers. The Home page should answer the 5W's and an H immediately. 5W's and an H consists of What, When, Where, Why, Who and How. Customers should pick all of these up from your home page on your website.

4. Consistency is key

If your brand is blue, grey and white then ensure that you keep everything related to your company within these brand colours. Carry these colours throughout all online items as well in the day to day items. This will make your brand feel whole. Paint a wall blue, strategically. If the colour black doesn't play a role in your brand, make all your text in your emails and on your website your grey.

Most companies also have a way in which they greet people, for example, we use "Howzit". Ensure that it is carried through in all mediums of communication, whether written or spoken. Understand the way your company spells particular words such as adviser/advisor, colour/color, specialise/specialize. 

Creating a website is a fun process once all these items are in place and the big picture is the same for everyone involved. Watching it come alive and reveal your brand personality can be a great process!

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