The benefits of using live chat on your website.

As digital marketing experts, we know that your website is one of your most powerful and agile marketing tools. And there are lots of ways for you to make your website work for your business. One of these is using the live chat function (an online web service) on your website.

Live chat allows customers to engage with a business in real time. It allows them to ask questions, get advice from customer services, and build a relationship with your business. The result? A chance to show your customers that you care about them as well as increase sales and engagement opportunities.

benefits of a live web chat

Five reasons live chat is an essential online tool

1. Get a sales boost

Research shows that customers who chat to a business online – who feel that sense of instant response and engagement – are three more times likely to buy products than customers who don’t have that opportunity.

2. Turn leads into sales

In the same vein, research shows that when you are able to answer your customers’ questions quickly and one-on-one, leads (and conversions) are likely to turn into repeat sales and consistent engagement.

3. Build stronger relationships

Chatting with your customers allows you to engage with them beyond standard feedback or answering frequently asked questions – beyond problem solving. It’s a chance to build a relationship of confidence and to show a real interest in your customers’ needs and interests. Real-time convenience plus care is an important part of turning customers into long-term, loyal fans.

4. More talk, less cost

A live chat is easy to set up and manage and the cost of daily engagement is less than other vehicles of communication such as a call centre. Not only can you set your own parameters for chatting, live chat is an efficient system where one representative can chat with multiple customers at the same time while still allowing for one-on-one style service.

5. Take things further with analytics

Chat transcripts can be analysed to provide your business with useful data about your website and services – data that you can use to improve your customers’ experiences and your bottom line. You can see how long certain processes take, where extra staff training might be required, gaps in customer satisfaction, and potential opportunities for business growth.

Live chat is an easy, efficient way to use your website to connect with your customers. Like many digital tools, it allows you to offer great customer service, build strong relationships, and increase your sales. Want to know more about the digital tools that can help your business grow? Talk to us! We are focused on selecting, designing, and executing digital marketing strategies (we’re experts when it comes to digital!) that will drive sales for your business. Let us help you use the power of digital marketing and related digital tools to do that.

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