Growth-driven website design – what does that mean?

Websites have evolved substantially over the years, moving from electronic brochures to interactive platforms, allowing businesses to connect with their ideal customers. To make an impact on the super-bus space that is the worldwide web, your website needs to do a number of things, including being up to date, responsive and easy to engage. It needs to be powered by growth-driven design.

 What is growth-driven website design? It’s website design with a purpose – to alter or improve elements of your website in response to the data you receive about you’re your visitors and leads. Simply put, tweaking your website so that it gives your ideal audience – the visitors you want to convert into leads – what they want while making your website easier to access and navigate. The idea – launch the most efficient, smartest website you can in the quickest time with the biggest chance of reaching your marketing goals.

Elements to consider when re-designing our website

1.     Assumptions about your clients.

Do you know who your ideal client is? Who is visiting your website, and if they fit the same buyer persona? Use research (both digital and in-market) to find out who you should be connecting with and how and use that information to inform the type of content you should be delivering on your website on a regular basis e.g. a business blog that actually speaks to your customer’s everyday needs (here’s how you create one of those!). Remember – inbound marketing is all about the customer and the customer is where sales are at!

2.     Go for what works first.

Launching a new website or redesigning an old one can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Rather than thinking you need to get a complete, page heavy website (containing everything there is to know about your business) up and running before you go live is outdated thinking. Focus on what your customers want and get those pages up – fill them with relevant, easily accessible content and spread your investment over time. Not only will this give you a chance to see what you need (and don’t need!) over time – it reduces your immediate spend and saves on lengthy launch lead times.

3.     Continuous improvement is the plan.

There is no such thing as the perfect website. Growth-driven design means your website becomes stronger as you measure and adapt. Using data analyzed over time, you will need to shift and adapt different parts of your website (both front and back end) to respond to the changing needs of your visitors. Commit to continually testing (and adapting) in line with what you learn about user experience, lead conversion and optimization patterns and you’ll get the best out of your website – using actionable data to turn it into the ultimate marketing tool.

Growth-driven design is about just that – growth! The idea is to grow your website’s usefulness and impact and, in turn, grow your business by attracting great quality leads at the right time to ensure the best chance of conversion success i.e. sales and loyal clients.

 Need a new website or an update of your current one? Want to understand how to analyze website data to learn more about your customers and develop a site that does the best job? Talk to us! As digital marketing  experts, we can start by helping you create the website your business needs and then teaching you how to use it to grow your business and increase your sales.

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