Signs that your website needs an upgrade right now.

Many people still think of their website as an electronic brochure – a way for potential customers to read all about their business online in the same way as they do in paper form. And while that may be the case for some, the truth is so much bigger – not only should your website be so much more than a brochure, it should be evolve over time.

We tackle the importance of having a website that does so much more than just present your company profile online in other posts (read this one about the why and the how). In today’s post, let’s focus on the evolution aspect – the importance of your website changing in line with the needs of your business and your customers.

Website the same since it was first designed? Four signs that it’s time to change

1. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly

If your site looks great on a PC but doesn’t work, doesn’t load properly or look ‘right’ on mobile devices, you’ve got a problem. Research shows that more and more individuals do their research and downtime surfing on mobile devices rather than laptops. If you can’t share your site with those people, you’re probably missing out on a large portion of your target market. You need to make sure your website is a responsive one. And you need to do it today.

2. Your content isn’t where it should be

Experienced digital marketers will tell you that it is no longer enough to have a list of your services on your website. Today’s online community is sharp, busy and inundated with hundreds of messages and options every day. They crave relevant, fresh content – content that will help improve their lives. A solid website delivers business profile information alongside useful, relevant content that will have visitors returning time and again. Whether it’s blogging done just right (read more about how to create your best business blog here) or an eBook about what you should be doing next, content is king when it comes to a website worth visiting.

3. Social engagement is at zero

Websites have changed dramatically over time. And one of the biggest changes has been the interactive aspect of websites and their link to social media channels. Long gone are the days of a passive website sitting and waiting to be read by a visitor that happens to stumble by. Using social channels correctly means being able to drive visitors (and specifically ideal customers) to your site through information sharing and interactions on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram… the list goes on! Engaging in the power of social media showcases your business as on trend, in touch and interested in connecting with the world of customers out there.

4. You can’t do anything without the help of an experienced website designer

While setting up your website from scratch is probably best left to a professional (to ensure all the correct elements are in place), you shouldn’t have to rush to a designer for every little change you want made. This is especially true for salespeople reviewing and chasing online sales leads and any members of your team who might be involved in blogging or answering customer forum questions. Being able to rework your own digital content as and when required is gold when it comes to saving precious work hours and delivering on customer needs. Your website should work with a CMS (content management system) that’s simple enough for anyone on your team to access and use.

These are just a few good reasons to upgrade your website if you want it to do the important jobs of raising awareness and generating leads for your business. And there are any more (SEO, visual appeal, security, user experience…)! Want to increase traffic to your website? Understand how to analyze website data to learn more about your customers and track the success of your campaigns and social media efforts? Talk to us! As digital marketing  experts, we can start by helping you create the website your business needs and then teaching you how to use it to grow your business and increase your sales.

For now, how about creating a business blog that rocks? We’ve got the tips you need.