Why HubSpot is simply the best productivity planning tool

Struggling with balancing admin and sales tasks? Not sure how to be the most productive in your daily work? It’s simple - the solution is HubSpot. We believe in HubSpot because it truly is the best productivity planning tool.

If you are not yet convinced here are 6 reasons why (and no we are not being paid to say these things, we do not need anything to motivate us in advocating HubSpot for your business!)

1. Tasking

Hubspot provides an intuitive, efficient system where team leaders, members and managers can give tasks to other team members in order for the activity to be accomplished within the defined period of time.

2. Automation

Through automation, Hubspot is a system that allows a process to be completed with little to no human assistance. In other words, it allows you to reach your goals quicker, by doing the simple, repetitive tasks for you. It is designed to make your life simpler, and to work like an assistant, by giving you a hand with the everyday tasks you have to complete. It doesn’t replace the human - it aids them!

3. Teamwork

With tasking and automation, it's easy to delegate different tasks to your coworkers through tasking, leaving you enough time to concentrate on what matters. Basically it makes collaboration that much greater!

4. Accessibility

HubSpot’s accessibility functionality is entirely cloud-based, which means that any team member can access a client’s workflows, tasks, documents, and projects from any device, at any time, so long as they have an internet connection. Picture catching a tan by the pool while working - this isn’t just a dream with Hubspot!

5. They’ve got your back

Hubspot is very reliable so problems like slow connections, server crashes, and security issues are not sicknesses Hubspot ever catches, unlike many other productivity tools available. As a result of their constant good health, they will keep your team reliable, constant and always productive! Want to hear from the source? Read this.

6. Efficiency

Hubspot gives you the ability to reduce all that boring, time-wasting admin so that you can concentrate on what matters - the client, and building strong, lasting relationships! This leaves you with the time, and motivation, to deal with those more important tasks - like following up with leads, turning your website into a sales machine, and communicating with clients. Using functions like the CRM’s automation means that back-end sales related tasks can happen seamlessly, no notepads required! HubSpot’s deal automation will automatically assign tasks internally, so the relevant people in the team are tasked to take a particular action in relation to that sale, at the relevant time. The less “admin” work for the sales team, the better! What more could your team ask for?

So there you have it, 6 reasons why HubSpot simply is the best productivity tool to help you and your team. Productivity is key not only to help you give you the capability to handle your sales and capacity to grow your sales!

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