Employee-led lead generation. Here’s how it works.

Traditionally, your Sales team is your lead-handling hub – they should be seeking, chasing and converting leads every day. But times have also changed and, in our online, always connected world, we’ve seen the relationship shift between Sales and Marketing and leads and customers. This coupled with the involvement of the digital aspect of lead generation in developing business success and growth means that lead gen should be everyone’s business.

Research shows that in a world with hundreds of choices (most of them just a click away), consumers are much more likely to buy (up to 50%!) to buy on the recommendation of someone they know. So, it’s safe to say that leads are no longer just the concern of your Sales team – each member of your business has the potential to bring in first-grade leads – you just need to find ways to encourage your team to do so.

Ways to help your employees bring in leads:

1. Work their network: While your Sales team might be naturals at professional networking, every one of your employees has their own networking opportunities – every time they connect with other professionals, customers, suppliers and friends. No matter the role in your business, they have the chance to talk to other individuals who can give them insights into your target market’s needs and pass on referrals. By encouraging them to represent your business in the most positive light at any given opportunity, you can get your employees to generate leads whatever their role within your organisation.

2. And take it digital: In today’s online world, most of your employees are most likely to be networking and connecting on social media platforms even more so than in person. Encourage them to be online advocates for your business and brand. Ask them to share your business’ social media posts and create online content of their own, in relation to their role in your organisation. Content that they can share with their followers, encouraging increased engagement with your business’ online presence and brand as a whole.

3. A good incentive can go a long way. Everyone loves to be rewarded for a job well done. Set up an incentive programme for in-house grown referrals – make it proportional to results, fair and accessible to all employees, and repeatable. If you’re clever and creative, the incentives don’t have to be monetary – they can come in the form of time off, experiences, or official acknowledgment. More rewards = more leads = more sales, and everyone in the business wins.

Lead generation can be a challenging task but it’s also an essential one. Don’t forget – not all leads are created equal so it’s important to work with a team (both in-house and outsourced) that understands how to generate leads for your business in the most effective way. And that’s where we come in. At Switch, we understand the each employee in your organisation needs to be engaged in some part of the Sales and Marketing process, and we can train and support your people in creating lead generation campaigns that bring in the right leads and grow your sales and, ultimately, your business.

Want to take a different approach to lead generation? We can help!

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