Logo Design

Rebranding? Avoid these three (big) no-nos.

Rebranding? Avoid these three (big) no-nos.

Building, maintaining and sharing a strong brand is an essential part of successful marketing and a successful business. As the world changes, a business’ offering, target market, or outlook might also change and, in order to ensure relevance, a rebrand might be necessary.

Logo Design - Ylang Travels

Ylang Travels is the leader in creating travel tours to exclusive islands around South Africa, including Madagascar, Mauritus, Reunion Island, Maldives and Seychelles. The unique advantage Ylang Travels has is that they custom design each holiday package for the individual so that they give them the best travel experience possible.

Ylang Travels came to Switch Marketing to help them with their Logo Design and direct them in their marketing efforts. We jumped at the opportunity to help them and add value to their business.

The brief was clear: create something that represented what Ylang Travels does. Ylang Travels offers tours to islands in the Indian Ocean. Beach, Sun, Sea and Sky.

The Logo choice was difficult with many great options but we advise our clients to ensure a design concept that will work across different media and still capture the message clearly. The result is an amazing logo that caputures the vision and message. Look out for their new website - coming soon.

Logo Design - Sugardance

SugarDance offers a multitude of dance and movement classes to get you in shape.

SugarDance came to Switch Marketing to help them create a new Logo. The idea was to create something special that would be similar to the previous logo but with a more modern and creative look. The logo needed to remain funky while being smart and versatile.

The result what a beautiful colourful logo that that is clear, simple and funky all at the same time. Due to the style of the logo an abreviated logo was required.