Website Design: The SEO Value of your Domain

Don't confuse your customer

When considering the ways customers will interact with your brand online, you have to actually stop and think about it practically. Yes, all of this website mumbo - jumbo probably gives you a headache, but if you're going to open shop, take the right first steps. Let's walk you through a few of them.

Think: Website Doorpost

Your website design should be considered from the top down. This means EVERYTHING, including your domain name. Your domain name is sort of like your physical address. In many cases, when you give someone your address to come visit you, you want to make sure it's correct. Likewise if you are giving out your email address to someone, you want to make sure it is correct - and I don't mean that it's spelled correctly - this is your 'house' we're talking about. The name of your home on the World Wide Web should implicate your business on the Internet. You don't want people getting it wrong; it will cause you to lose customers.

Website Design is Search Friendly

Think about what customers will be searching for in your market. Make it count. Look for keywords within your brand identity that are valuable and use them. It will work wonders for the SEO value of your company name. If you aren't winning your own name in search engines, then contact us right away. You are potentially losing business every day.

Don't miss a huge opportunity to work into the minds of your customers your brand or company name. If you're using an email account with MWEB for your business, then you're not sending the right message to your customers. It begs to question whether or not you're a legitimate business, or if you're operating from within MWEB (as an employee, etc) or even if you are operating out of the lounge in your home while watching old episodes of 'Friends' on your PVR.

Website Design Consistency

Lastly, consistency is key. We spoke briefly about it in this post. If you have trouble configuring your site to remain consistent throughout, then hire a professional. Website design is not the scary binary - looking monster it was ten years ago. Take the time to sit with Brand Professionals that can give advice on your unique brand identity, its guidelines and the proper files to use and then find a web design company that takes into consideration the Marketing value of your business in every effort you make to reach customers.

BONUS: I've included two links here to get you in touch with a company that does this very well.

Your Neighborhood Brand Manager,

Marcus Rivera
Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD