Website Design 2013

Advertising Advice

Over the years, website design has evolved into a mainstay in business, and the word "website" rolls off the tongue more freely than ever. Right now, a website is among the most common ways you will interact with a brand as a consumer. So it is quite apt to say that your web design speaks volumes for your image.

The tough question remains: Why is design so important?

Well, the case is different within every industry, but one thing is certain - you don't want your site to project something that contradicts your brand image. And while it's easy to slap a logo on it and just start writing with a free site creator, it sure will prove difficult to match the look, feel and culture of your brand without consulting a professional. Especially if the words Hyper Text Markup Language and Cascading Style Sheets mean diddly squat to you.

Website design and Brand Culture

Your existing Culture needs to permeate through your every move as a business. It's very hard to backtrack after you've communicated a message to your customers. A great analogy for this is the game 'telephone' that so many of us have played as a child. Remember how easy it was to distort even the simplest messages? The same principle applies from every advertisement right down to every word you transmit as a business entity. Don't confuse your customers and meet with designers to ensure your message is clear.

Website Design: 2B or not 2B

The age old question. From a business perspective however, Shakespeare might have had a great point. Know who you are and who you are selling to. Nothing screams incoherency louder than a company that is trying to appeal to the wrong audience - and it starts here. Once you've got your model, then you can work on dissecting your market and your targets.

A good thing to remember is the key difference between Marketing and Advertising. The hiring and outsourcing of Advertising firms has diluted the value of the market over the years. We'll cover that in a future post, but for now all you need to know is that all advertising is experimental. It all must be analysed and scrutinized against the antitype - your brand image.

That's where Marketing comes in - it is the constant checks and balances of every interaction between your business and its customers.

It is our firm belief that these important facets of Website Design cannot be met by just wonton attempts by outside sources. It is a design journey that needs to be handled with expertise and then carefully managed in the active capacity. If you hire a designer to build you a site and then just host it for the year, then you're missing out on the Marketing aspect of your effort. Either use in-house experts, or find yourself an agency that will come alongside as active managers of your online presence. We just happen to be such a company, and if after reading this you'd like more information, send us an email!

What about your experiences with web designers and agencies? Share your comments below and start a conversation!