Social Media: Social Savvy Guidelines

Social Media By The Rules

Social Media is changing every day. It's no longer a matter of type and post or just about information. It's about content sharing - and more specifically: targeted, purpose driven content.

There are a few points that are key, especially the rules and guidelines that are put in place for social sharing in each channel. Don't get caught posting arbitrary content that may potentially be passed over or even blocked by the outlet because of silly mistakes. Here are a few points to consider: 

1) Social Media Guidelines

All of your favourtie sharing channels have posting guidelines and best practices. I've included links to The Big Three: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're looking for Facebook ad guidelines, you can find them here

2) Avoid Hasty Advertising

Choose your content wisely, and with targets in mind. Not everyone uses every social media outlet. That's because each one offers unique ways to interact with their communities. Stick to what works best for each channel.

For instance, people browsing Facebook don't usually want to read a long blogpost, but people on Twitter expect beautiful headlines they can filter and click-through to an informative read. Call it purpose - driven marketing.

3) Socialise - Don't Sell!

Obviously take this with a grain of salt - every business is different. One thing is for certain though. Everyone on Facebook isn't there to be sold to. They're having a huge party online and if you try and sell them a vacuum cleaner while they're having fun, you might get kicked out.

Rather use LinkedIn, where you can create offers. People are looking for business on this medium. You can even blurb quick micro blogs on Twitter and lead clients to landing pages without distancing people from your brand.

4) Less is More Social

Remember, what you're on there for. If you're treating all social media as a bucket where you through your offers in and hope for a callback, you'll never beat the noise of every other Tom, Dick and Harry in the market.

Each channel needs to be treated as a unique form of marketing (not advertising!) and then spun off in a social friendly manner. You're trying to get people to include you in their trusted circles, not necessarily trying to bog them down with information or sales.

If you're going to really impact someone to share, then you'll need for them to attach to what makes your label unique.



Marcus Rivera,
Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD