Marketing Ballito: Project Medicine

Marketing is Holistic

At Switch Marketing, we find it imperative to consistently remind our clients of the value in viewing marketing in its entirety. Too many times do we see an isolation of the different aspects of design, management and promotion. These three areas of your brand all are monitored by the rules and analytics marketing provides. In essence, they are all sub-categories of marketing - which means if you isolate them in their own respects, you run the risk of missing the mark.

We've found this to be a recurring issue for our local business owners. This 'compartmentalisation' of services have created a phenomenon known as fragmented communication. A quick explanation of this is when you have 2 or more teams working together on a project, but every team is sitting in different rooms and they don't share information with each other. The result is a lot of confusion and varied results. Sort of like with your brand, if you have many different designers (including yourself!) and many different suppliers for your promotion, you almost always encounter a problem with consistency.

Website Design | Logo Design | Brand Management

Therein lies the purpose of our new series: Marketing Ballito. We've set out to change the way people think about Marketing. Starting with our hometown, we're bringing the message to the masses about Brand Management and a strategic approach to marketing. We believe you deserve better. In fact, we come and meet you right where you are and partner up to bring your brand to its full potential.

We believe it starts with Stellar Logo Design, Website Design That Works and Brand Management Principles that hold it all together. While we're a full-service marketing agency, these are the common queries we receive from clients. That's including, but not limited to: Branded Merchandise, Facebook Business Pages and Social Media, Business Cards, Flyers and even Full Scale Marketing Plans. We meet you where you are.

The Right Kind of Umuthi

We're calling Project Medicine - and if you feel like you need a little nudge in the right direction, give us a shout or send me an email Use Project medicine as your subject line and give a brief description of your needs. We'll come back with a special offer for our readers. There's no wrong time to start the journey.


See You In my Inbox,


Marcus Rivera

Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD