Marketing Ballito: Hiring A Marketing Manager

Marketing is Project Sensitive

We run across many clients that are grappling with hiring a marketing manager for their business. We even come in contact with clients that have hired marketing managers with little or no experience in the field. Unless you are certain which type of marketing you'll be engaged in, you couldn't have the faintest idea of who to hire. In fact, without understanding your brand identity or having an attachment to the success of your brand's evangelism you are asking someone to literally just get prices for ads in the local magazines, newspaper and radio. That's not marketing management, that's more like account management of the marketing budget.

A Marketing Manager Needs to be accountable

The point here is that each and every brand has different types and feels of marketing. In reality, every business and brand should be treated on a case by case basis. In essence, if you just throw a blanket solution to such an intricate process, there are bound to be errors. And errors in this field don't just mean a waste of money, it really means that and a loss of brand value. Remember, your brand is directly affected by its interactions with the public. If you don't protect your image, then trouble is around the corner.

Make sure that as you develop your brand and the various methods of marketing that are applied, that your marketing team is building a guideline manual to serve as a litmus test for all interactions with your brand. It is of the utmost importance to set the foundation for a stellar brand image and protect the value of your investment.

A Marketing Manager isn't Unaffordable

There has to be something greater than the need to market in itself. If you have all the right tools in place, then it's a matter of applying continuous improvement principles and becoming an authority in your market. I can guarantee one thing: if you hire the right marketing management team and allow them to find the right partners for your brand, you'll be saving money in the long run.

Let's put it this way - at Switch Marketing, we have an option to charge hourly for our services. Without talking pricing here, if you'd pay for ONE hour of work to sort out just ONE full page advertisement in a magazine (going rate is between R6,000 and R7,000 for a full page advert), you can be sure that you're making a good investment for less than 8% of the cost. Surely that isn't as bad as assuredly making a R7,000 error. Which of course, compounded by the depreciation of your brand can be exponentially more.

Don't be afraid to contact a marketing firm today with your questions and concerns. What's the worst that can happen? You  have nothing to lose - especially with us.


Marcus Rivera

Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD