Marketing Ballito: Codename Dissonance

Marketing: A Holistic View

It's time to tackle the oft encountered problem of the misconception marketing has generated over the years. There are tons of variations to the meaning of the word marketing, however today we're going to look at the most pragmatic philosophy: Holistic Marketing.

HolisticMarketing[1] Everything matters in marketing 21st century The holistic marketing concept looks at marketing as a complex activity and acknowledges that everything matters in marketing - and that a broad and integrated perspective is necessary in developing, designing and implementing marketing programs and activities. The four components that characterize holistic marketing are relationship marketing, internal marketing, integrated marketing, and socially responsive marketing.

The term encompasses relationships, internal marketing, integrated marketing and being socially responsive (We'll cover these principles in a future post). So when you measure up your marketing efforts, it has to be in light of not one, but all four of these areas.

At Switch Marketing we make one distinction very clear: When we look at clients, we want to wrap these four areas into one consistent model. In fact, we make it about full-service marketing and litmus test every effort against the four categories of Holistic Marketing. It's the difference between good marketing and great brand management.

Brand Management: Retrospect Respect

Part of Great Brand Management is having the respect for yourself (and your brand) to own up for mistakes. It's not about getting to a point where everything just works, it's about getting to a point where everything can be better.

For Holistic Marketing to be effective, every aspect of gaining and retaining customers must look forward with the presumption that it can be better. There's more pride and pleasure in continuous improvement - a discipline I learned while working for a famous retail chain in America. If you always look at improving upon current and past practices in every facet of your business, then you gain respect for your label and from your customers. Which brings me to my last point.

Cognitive Dissonance - The Brand Killer

If I had to choose one single mistake that can kill your marketing efforts, it would have to be creating mixed messages and portraying your brand identity in the wrong context. We call this Cognitive Dissonance, or put more plainly, "messing with the brain". The mind is a scary just imagine where your brand image goes when you start to confuse your customers.

Well established brands earn the trust of their customers and are often respected by their competitors. The trick here is to be consistent with your message - in everything. If your identity is approachable and respectable, then you can be choosy with where you play in the market. With the right partners, customers and the right attitude, your brand will be successful. Guaranteed.

Remember, it's never too late to SWITCH - we're excited to take a look at your brand and offer advice.


Cheers for now,


Marcus Rivera

Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD