Holistic Marketing: Management By Objectives

Marketing to your Staff

A key indicator for holistic marketing is your internal marketing strategy. The way you portray your business to your employees makes all the difference in projecting the right image. Essentially, we're talking about the guys and girls on the ground wearing your label and leaving an impression with your customers. In some cases, these people mean more to your business than the CEO. It is imperative that their values not only relate, but resonate with the business identity. It's referred to as the organisational-behaviour fit in management and it is a clear cut method in positioning the right staff in the right role. Let's delve further.

The Organisational Behaviour Fit

This is something most business schools focus on in Management 101. Attaining the right fit for an employee brings about a bond that is most like a strong marriage. It's literally a love for what you do. Some people call this job satisfaction, but it actually resonates much deeper. You see, the psychological needs of your employees mean much more than being happy with their job requirements and getting paid. Utilising Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs one can easily see the correlation between job satisfaction and an employee's psychological attachment to the position.


At best, job satisfaction on reaches roughly the second or third level of attachment, where a person really has job security. All that means is they are doing what they think will keep them where they are and paying there bills. Surely we are at a stage in business where diversity is key - and for reasons that we all don't think the same and can actually benefit from having a fresh perspective.

Tell me, how many employees do you currently have that are making your business better by finding innovative ways to enhance performance? This is a definitive way to tell the difference between job satisfaction and self - actualization. The employee that has a personal attachment to the cause is always more valuable. Plus, they usually produce more than they earn, given that they're creating opportunities outside of their scope of responsibility.

Management By Objectives: Redirecting Initiative

An excellent system in creating a structure that initiates a great organisational-behaviour fit is Management By Objectives. In fact, it is the grandfather of the measurement of mutual goal setting between employers and employees. It allows staff to truly set goals and objectives that align with the company's directive. MBO principles encourage a truly organic institution. It makes initiative the forefront of character in employees that want to achieve self-actualization with an organisation that "fits" their culture.

MBO is a system we trust at Switch Marketing - and a system we use for clients. If you want to create organic, systematic growth within your organisation and help your employees be more than satisfied, then contact us immediately. We'd love to meet and facilitate the process.

Want to know more? Download the book "The Practice of Management" by Peter F. Drucker - the founder of MBO. Then call me when you're ready to change the world.


Marcus Rivera

Director, Switch Marketing