Custom Made: Online Marketing Solutions

Our 2015 strategy has come through nicely. This year, it has all been about giving clients MORE for less. We've tirelessly went to task to create inclusive solutions for online management.

With that hard work and dedication to making marketing easier for small business owners, we've developed Website Design That Works and Metrics That Matter - two programs geared for producing valuable information and functionalities that empower Small Business Owners and Marketing Managers with a robust, lead - generating web presence that grows as the business does - and continues to develop brand equity and thought leadership online. Below are two ways that we've changed the game for our clients:

Feature Service: Website Design That Works™

We just couldn't stand by and allow huge start-up fees, lengthy turnaround times and costly management fees keep businesses from successful online marketing. We attacked these ideas at their core and created two 'creative silos' where website design and management fees were brought into affordable ranges for small businesses.

Today, we can get your website up and running within 2 weeks, at one low cost and place you within a portfolio we call a 'community' that allows you to receive personalised marketing management online, including Social Media strategy, Email Marketing campaigns and a unique Blogging Schedule to accommodate and steer your efforts.

Feature Service: Metrics That Matter™

Our team consistently monitors how efficient your website is and how it measures up to your competitors. The key to valuable metrics lies in refreshing your current keyword strategy as trends ebb and flow. If you can stay ahead of trends, you can harness thought leadership with valuable search terms online. Our Monthly Reports show how you're doing with your strategy, but more importantly, how people are responding to your Online Marketing.

Now you can make your Online efforts more relational and effective and break away from interruptive marketing tactics. Harness the power of loyal customers and measure what matters most to your business. If you're a small/medium sized business looking to make an impact with your online marketing, then contact us or click below to at least get started with some free tips on how to improve your online presence.

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