Brand Management: Should I use an advertising agency

Advertising Advice

I have encountered so many people who are doing their own marketing and advertising and I have to wonder: Why?! I know the reason most business owners do it is to try and to save money. However, there is something flawed about this idea.
In business, you'd generally outsource everything you can’t do or learn how to do it - but somehow, business owners think they can do Marketing and Advertising better than the experts! It's really puzzling, because in most of the cases the person is actually spending their marketing budget in the completely wrong place. Then when you try to help them they tell you that advertising is a waste of money! That’s like telling a plumber that it's a waste of money to fix a leaking toilet!

Advertising Agencies Save You Money

The reason why you need an agency is because they have the knowledge of what mediums are the best to you to achieve particular objectives. For example: A local business wants to increase its customers, so the owner puts an advertisement in the local magazine or paper.
Sounds like a smart move, but the local papers have thousands of advertisements and are very expensive. Nevermind the fact that the return on investment through these mediums has a very low response rate.
The most important thing to consider are the objectives. A lot of people just want to advertise, but they don’t have clear objectives so they don’t realise that they are not achieving anything until it is too late.
A marketing or advertising agency will be able to help you discover what your objectives are and help you find the correct mediums to achieve your goals.

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