Brand Management: Creating Credibility

Building Up Online Cred

After hearing various concerns over credibility and issues with penetrating the market as a new brand, I've decided to write this post to address two key factors that create credibility: Trustworthiness and Expertise. This will actually be a three part blog series, so we can address multiple concerns.

For the purpose of this post, I'll be writing fro the vantage point of Online Credibility - and as such, will be adding in a third factor: Authenticity. Let's have a go, shall we?

Website Design: Trustworthiness in Context

Achieving trustworthiness is no easy task. When you become friends with someone, you usually start off as acquaintances with things in common. What those things are, can be very subjective, but they're relational. They key here is to build a relationship with your clients and customers as you grow. Remember the saying: "You're nobody, 'til somebody loves you".

This can be easily achieved by simply talking about things you ACTUALLY do in your industry. Things like why you exist and who does your brand revolve around? Remember that search engines are making your site findable online, so you don't have to work too hard at doing that. If you're objective is to get found on Google, thebest practice is to be yourself, and if you don't know how to Optimise your site, then find some hard-working, dedicated Online Marketers that can help.

Your Online Identity - Expertise Enlightenment

Expertise. This is the difficult part. It plays a major role in getting someone to trust you. Whether it's how well you know Rocket Science or how to hang a picture - people need to know you've done it before, and with good results.

The key to unlocking this factor is to remain consistent with your brand image. Funny enough, it's what creates trustworthiness in marketing theories. The fact that I know how my burger at McDonalds is going to taste every time I bite into it means I can trust it when I'm out on the road and stopping for a bite to eat. I'll return as a repeat customer, plus I'll refer it to people who might be needing the same thing. Some people may not even think that the taste of the burger plays a major role in the McDonalds brand, but it's actually what the whole system revolves around. I'll save that for another post.

So creating expertise online is as easy as narrowing down variables to remain consistent. When people come to your site, they can identify with your brand at particular focal points. For instance, Logo Position, Media Preferences and Header Text all need to coincide with your Brand Identity, your Brand Image and your Brand Voice respectively. These three factors will help to establish trustworthiness and will make your content a projection of your expertise. (It also helps if you put some credentials in your about page)

The Online Battle: Content is King

Now that you have an idea of what it takes to establish credibility, it's time to go out there and BE yourself. Seriously consider hiring a Marketing Managerand get help in protecting and projecting your brand. Create stellar content that is relevant to your industry and remain consistent. Be honest and up front and address current issues that make you tick. Build a relationship with your customers & vendors and be inclusive with your goals and achievements. Nothing says what you do, better than authentic all-inclusive information about your profession. Authenticity will win the trust battle. Trust me.

See you next post,

Marcus Rivera
Owner & Partner, Switch Marketing Pty Ltd