Blogging: Where do I start?

Many client’s have the same question - where do I start? This is a great question! When you receive your monthly blog schedule, read through the Topics and the Details to ensure that you know exactly what is required. If you don't understand, ask The Switch Team, we are always willing to help!

Once you have read through the schedule and understand it, take each topic individually and answer the following questions; What, Why, and How. These 3 questions need to be answered in every blog to ensure that enough information is given to satisfy the reader. 

Enjoy the time that you get to write for your readers, you are building a relationship with them. They will begin to recognise when your blogs are being posted and start to come to your different social pages to engage.

How long does my blog need to be?

However short you would like it to be! If you answer your 3 questions well, the blog is complete. If you would like to add some extra things into your blog that are relevant, you are most welcome to do that as well. You are the author, you are the one that decides what you would like to share with your readers.

2. Do I need to have my blog edited before I send it to The Switch Team?

Not at all. We can edit your content based on grammar, sentence structure and spelling. We also ensure that the blog makes sense and flows. We also check that you have sent us the correct blog that is due. The final thing that we ensure is that you send through a relevant and good quality image to support your blog.

3. How do I write my blog?

Stick to the topic that you are writing about and write simply. Write as if you were explaining it to a friend. Assume that your readers have no idea about the topic and that is why they are reading your blog. Try not to use jargon while keeping it short and to the point.