Blogging: Finding the Right Images

When reading a blogpost, the first thing that you see is the image attached, promoting it. This will either enhance or detract from your blog, as humans are built for visual cues. Particularly when scrolling through social media, an image is the first thing that is draws the attention of the viewer. Photos account for 53% more Likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-throughs.

When deciding on an image to use for your blog, you need to make sure that the image adds value to the post. The image needs to make sense, have a purpose and be clear. The greater the image, the more your blogpost builds credibility.

Three things to avoid when finding images for your blog:

1. Don’t just take any image from Google Images. If you have not changed the advanced settings, it is most likely that you are stealing something that's protected or licensed. Google has ways for you to download images that are not prohibited by a license. Click here to download our guide on how to ensure that you are not choosing licensed images.

2. Don’t use an image that is not of great quality. An image that is blurry or hard to see is not worth using under any circumstance. Images need to be a minimum of 600 pixels if you want it to be of great quality. 

3. Choosing an image can be difficult when you begin to blog, as you go along you will find that it becomes a lot easier. Images can either gets designed and/or created by a graphic designer. Every company has a style of image - this is very important to remember and stick to, so that the company doesn't lose their personality and remains consistent.


If you would like some further help with images or want to find out more about online Marketing, don't hesitate to contact us!