Against the Grain: What Makes Switch Marketing Unique

We're approaching our 3rd year as a company and we've been through many ups and downs and trends that have made Marketing the bane and pleasure of many business owners across the nation.

Within just three short years we've set standards of practice that have continually pushed the envelope for how businesses validate marketing strategies and their marketing spend.

Here's where we've made impact:

Website Design (Year 1)

CHALLENGE - We challenged how businesses manage content online and how they view Website Design - from which came things such as Website Design That Works.

  1. We abolished things like the call-out fee - where clients were too scared to make changes to their website because of budget restrictions or having to deal with their "Website Guy/Girl" whenever they needed to make changes. 
  2. We reduced hefty fees for domain services, such as email hosting and account management.
  3. We cut Website Design setup fees by 50% of their going rate. No more paying per page, no more hidden costs, just simple effective website design.
  4. We offered dedicated online specialists and used third party analytics to double check that out websites were performing up to standard.

OUR ANSWER - Website Design That Works.  

We offered two simple solutions: Basic Website Hosting (R300/mo.) and Advanced Website Hosting (R500/mo.) Some of our clients are still on these plans today - and benefit from a robust infrastructure for their website, with built in SEO strategy and keyword research. 

Marketing Strategy (Year 2)

CHALLENGE: We challenged how businesses perform advertising campaigns and utilised their brand to harness Word of Mouth (WoM) value to increase brand equity for sustainable, long term growth.

We enforced strict brand guidelines for our clients that provided discipline and ethos nurturing strategies such as Logo Design That Matters - the building blocks for successful brand management and the stepping stones for consistency with advertising.

Our approach to Logo Design allowed even small businesses affordable ways to achieve successful branding techniques and our resident designer got busy creating brand guideline manuals and brand extensions as we ensured the brands in our care grew in value with every addition.  

We measured Advertising Efficiency and qualified marketing plans, created campaigns and set clients up for success.

Eventually it became evident that our clients needed more. So we went back to the drawing board. 

OUR ANSWER: Logo Design That Matters

We created a unique design brief that we follow for every client, to set the foundation for great Logo Design and empower various design teams to create brand identities that would last for generations. The result sets up consultants to provide clients with great advice and excellent customer service - so they can make truly informed decisions for their company.

Marketing Consulting (Year 2.5)

CHALLENGE: Clients needed robust systems and increased exposure online

We didn't stop there - we then opened our doors for marketing and business consulting - a move that hit the pause button on growing Switch Marketing as we nurtured ten (10) clients through a process in which we created Custom Workflow Systems, Role Clarification Diagrams and Ideal Career Path Charts - a project we called Better Your Business℠.

We soon realised clients needed even more robust marketing, so we created Know Your Customer (beta)℠ - a project dedicated to bringing companies closer to their target market by identifying key attributes. The result is a set of client/buyer personas which you can send segmented and targeted marketing messages to increase leads and conversion rates. We then coupled this with effective Online Marketing Management and Inbound Marketing.

OUR ANSWER: Know Your Customer (beta)℠ | Inbound Marketing

Now we can facilitate your new marketing strategy with unique online methods to ensure your message falls on the right ears. We've chunked together Website Services / Email Marketing / Social Media into a unique workflow to generate lead management. We even hired a new staff member to organise and service client portfolios  - but I digress - you knew we would take care of our clients.

There's so much more, but for the sake of brevity, why not find out for yourself? If you're finding it difficult to understand marketing or just need a refresh for your business - pop in for a coffee (we brew at least twice a day) and chat with a consultant to see if we're right for you. Otherwise, we're only a click or  a call away: