Advertising Advice: Your Body Language

Advertising has body language

It's been said many times that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, I'm here to tell you that unless your your words match your character, they could mean a thousand other words that nobody cares about. Some business owners might not understand the consequences of sending brand messages in the wrong context, let alone sending brand messages with the wrong text. Hopefully, I can clear a bit of this up for you in this post.

Brand Identity in Text

It is important to note that when you've received proper logo design, the designer will usually include typefaces and colour palettes so that when you use your logo anywhere, you'll have the right schematics to give a consistent brand image. (If you're scratching your head after reading that, check out our post about protecting your brand)

The fonts you choose have an affect on what you're saying. If you use the wrong styles, you could be confusing customers with your message. This is especially important for any words used in your logo. It's a non-negotiable - don't ever abuse your logo! Your font is part of your unique brand identity. Using anything else will not only distance customers, but devalue your brand. There's even a synergy between your logo (or header/headline) font and your body text. Using the wrong combination can hinder your brand value.

If you think it won't really matter, because it's hardly noticeable, then you're also telling your customers that your brand doesn't really matter and it really isn't worth much. 

Brand Management Specialists

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Your Friendly Neighborhood Brand Manager,

Marcus Rivera
Owner, Switch Marketing PTY LTD