5 Mistakes You Could Be Making While Marketing On Social

It's Social Media time and we're going over some common areas you'll find yourself marketing and informing you of some potential pitfalls you may encounter when trying to create those excellent marketing campaigns. Here we go:

1) No Clearly Defined Target Market

Marketing online can be very tricky - especially if you have no idea of who you're talking to. A common mistake with Social Media Managers is desensitisation - the watering down of your marketing messages because of lacking relevance.

If you see something enough, but never engage with it, then you'll eventually ignore it. It becomes normal - sort of like rubbing a section of your hand enough until it goes numb. The fact is - that's what social media marketing can become - a voice that gets ignored because every time it speaks, it says something irrelevant. Don't let your brand become that boy who cried wolf.

2) You're using the wrong Call-To-Actions (CTAs)

Or you're not using them at all! A Call to Action is as important to your strategy as the concierge is to a hotel. You'll need to guide the people that wander in and usher them through the experience. Just posting generic messages on your social channels also can create desensitized followers, so don't miss these opportunities!

3) #Overhastagging

C'mon - you know who I'm talking about. That time in your life when you'll look back and think "why on earth was that popular?" It's really getting out of hand, but it's bound to get a bit worse before it gets better. 

Hashtags were intended to be used as an index for finding relative terms. Nowadays, we're looking at sometimes 3-4 hashtags within the same post. This reminds me of how keyword stuffing was shot down by search engines begins all those savvy "gurus" said it was a good idea to implement. Don't get caught with your pants down - suit up and make sure that if you're going to use a #hashtag, you've created a unique one that people can get to know you for. Make it resonate with a campaign and grow it like a mantra for your business - remain consistent.

4) Contact Details Are in Your Post

Shame. If this is you, stop it. This looks worse than that guy who gives business cards out when he's speed dating. Two main reasons this is a bad idea: 

1) Click to call/email doesn't naturally happen on your favorite channels - rather use the built in call-to-action buttons provided, because that's what they're there for. Plus you get stats on their usage.

2) You're wasting valuable space where you could entice customers and lead them through your buying cycle. Your website is a much more prolific destination to convert followers into leads.

5) You're Not Linking to Landing  Pages

If your post is about cute little puppies, then when the user clicks on the post it should take them to something about cute little puppies, not the homepage of www.cutestanimalsintheworld.com.  

Don't force your readers to do more than they have to. You have a short time span to convert leads on your Website. On average, a user offers 3-4 clicks before they become disinterested and possibility of lead conversion drops by over 60%.

Don't let your visitors hang around too long - get them to where they want to go so they can enquire to be sold to quickly. Remember, you still have to get their info to effectively place them in a suitable marketing campaign and you have to make the sales contact with them to finalize the purchase decision process.

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