5 Blogging Tips to Keep Your Content Fresh

Tip #1: Content is King

You've heard this before - every marketer tells you to keep content relevant and push through to provide readers that experience that keeps them returning to your blog for more. We've even said that often enough to our clients - but how do you actually do it? 

We've set out to provide consistent and relevant information to help our clients become better Online Marketers. We enjoy seeing businesses succeed online, and our heart is for Making that as simple and affordable for business owners as possible. Our content always revolves around our four principles:

  1. RELATE to customers and truly discover their needs and desires.
  2. INSPIRE the notion of continuous improvement and dedication to innovation.
  3. SIMPLIFY everything. We simply mean keep everything simple.
  4. EMPOWER clients by giving them valuable feedback and comprehensive insights.

So remember to speak often about what your readers need and want - make it easy to understand and make it valuable so they can actually use it!

Tip#2: Do Your Keyword Research

You might be scratching your head or nodding enthusiastically now, but either way it is a key first step in finding what to blog about. Your clients and potential customers all want to know you have something that answers a question they have. Simply stated: they're hoping their search lands them on the page that answers their question.

Good Keyword research not only ranks you high in search engines, but it also ranks you high in your viewer's mind. It helps them to navigate your website, to be guided through your offerings and to make their way over to your coveted landing page or contact page.

If your research is done correctly, you'll be able to usher the user experience to where you want them and in position to convert into a lead by contacting you. It'll also help you with ideas for your content strategy.

Tip#3: Your Blogging is For Your Fans!

This really is a no brainer - the people that find you online are usually giving you a vote of confidence because your content strategy has related to them somehow - but that's only half of the solution - while they're on your site - you have to keep them interested, have them find what they're looking for, and then ask you for more, AND THEN come back when they have another related question.

If you start to build a loyal fan base by creating wonderful user experiences, publishing valuable content and always make people's lives better, then you - my friend - have fans. Think of yourself as your favourite sports team - when you think of Rugby, for instance, which team comes to mind? Probably your favourite one, the one that you resonate with - that is what you want to become with your customers.

Tip#4: Take a Stance | Offer Solutions

Your readers are experiencing every day problems or need every day information. Stay on top of those issues and address them as they enter the market. Offer what you think is best and why your solution is more beneficial than others. Guide your client into a true relationship by qualifying who the best user for your product/service is. The more you take the guessing work away from your client, the easier it is for them to choose to do business with you.

Take a stance in debatable topics and validate why you do what you do. You want people in your corner and you want to relate to your target market.

EXTRA TIP: Form Relationships with identified "A" list clients. These people will become your fans, promote your business in everyday conversation and create HUGE Word of Mouth Marketing for your brand.

Tip#5: Ask for Feedback/Questions

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Trust me, this is true no matter what you do. Engage your readers in post blog commentary and help them to continue the conversation. Doing so will not only add value to future readers, but it will:

  1. Offer you insight into future blog posts
  2. Create community around valuable topics
  3. Bring readers back often for updates
  4. Validate if you were on the right track
  5. Give you a way to extend the current conversation
  6. Segway readers into leads and leads into buyers

The list really can go on and on...there is every reason to hear what you readers think of your posts. Ask for responses often and be ready to respond in kind. It's part of having a winning blog on your site.

If pulled together properly, these five tips can form an excellent and easy way to begin your Online Marketing Strategy - starting with your blog. Keep these principles in mind and you should do just fine. You'll always be relevant and ready to carpe diem when the opportunity comes your way.

How about you? - what steps do you take to keep your blog content fresh? Offer your insights below!

Need more information on a good blogging strategy? Let us know or pop in for a visit!